Discussing :: Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Drop it, soak it, freeze it, and even cover it in dirt, the XP10 won’t let you down.  Fujifilm created this durable camera for those of us who live life on the edge. The XP10 is waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof to 1 metre, freeze proof to minus 10 degrees and dustproof.  Loaded with all the latest features, the resilient XP10 has 12 Megapixel resolution, 5x Fujinon lens and high definition recording, so you can capture breathtaking images with total peace of mind – even if you are channelling your inner Rambo! The XP10’s tough credentials are neatly hidden in its small, lightweight and stylish metal body which is so slim you can... read full article


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

we painted the toilet seat in honey but forgot it was there till the next day when girlfriend turned up... i can honestly say she had the sweetest arse in town


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99



Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Our stag party ran into a hens party.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Ended up in Taranaki (living in wellington) don't actually know how i got there, woke up next to the Wind Wand in New Plymouth


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Good Lord! If these stories are any indication of what kind of bachelor life you were living, your wife has saved your life.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

At my stag do we started the day off with some paintball and after that we were to attend a school dinners evening in London. The paintball was conducted under the standard "shorts only for the stag" rule which meant that I was left rather exposed. As the event was winding down, one of my 'friends' who I had accidentally shot at a similar event some 8 years earlier took some very, very, cold retribution and shot me in my exposed gut from a range of about 10 feet. I looked first at him, and then at the 20 twitchy looking chaps standing aound him and after weighing up my options I did the honerable thing and unleashed hell on the crowd. This, as you can imagine, went down rather poorly and I ended up taking 3 or 4 hundred close range shots on my naked torso. This was the source of some considerable pain. In the evening there was a couple of other stag do's at the school dinner and a rather saucy school mistress was running the show. The other two stags went up and took their fully clothed canings with a bit of grimace and some carrying on. When it was my turn I promptly grabbed her in some inappropriate areas and telling her to do her worst, I dropped my pants. I think she finally stopped when she got cramp in her arm and I finally returned my seat, but did not sit. In the morning I went home and talked to the her in doors about the good clean fun we had had which she was fine with until I took my clothes off and headed for the shower. I looked like a negative of a golf ball photo and my arse was one big horizontal welt. No explanations were forthcoming so I did the manly thing and went and hid in the bathroom until she was gone.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

We ended up gladwrapping the groom to a trafficlight in the Square in Palmerston North. Its just by the Police Station. Just as we finished a Police car drives past and we all freeze, the officer just waved at us and drove on!!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Arranged a farewell party in a sad sceniro, remind the wonderful days we had.Said goodbye to each other and to my freedom? Also got consolation suggestion and confidence by my mate to challenge the wedding life?


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Walking out of a pub with our stag in prison overalls and chains to find a cop waiting outside, to which our stag slurs 'you must be my stripper'... he must of heard it before because apparently, its not funny...


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Had my brothers stag party in Kaitaia - he woke up in Auckland, the best man woke up in Hamilton and my dad woke up in Moerewa. To this day no one has any idea what happened....or so they say...


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