Discussing :: Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Drop it, soak it, freeze it, and even cover it in dirt, the XP10 won’t let you down.  Fujifilm created this durable camera for those of us who live life on the edge. The XP10 is waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof to 1 metre, freeze proof to minus 10 degrees and dustproof.  Loaded with all the latest features, the resilient XP10 has 12 Megapixel resolution, 5x Fujinon lens and high definition recording, so you can capture breathtaking images with total peace of mind – even if you are channelling your inner Rambo! The XP10’s tough credentials are neatly hidden in its small, lightweight and stylish metal body which is so slim you can... read full article


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

travelling half way across the world 2 my cousins wedding in a rural town priceless lol :) it was the best


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Watching the best man be dunked by two ladies in the Mermaid's bar pool!!!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

we got the groom very drunk in Hamilton stripped him down to his boxers with a ball and chain around his ankle (symbolism), left him with enough money to either buy a bus home... or some clothes and food..... and followed him secretly with a DVD video camera, whilst he pondered what to do..(and so that we could make sure he was ok... and there for the wedding)... made a great video for the wedding day......(and a takes up the time whilst your making the speech)


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

The night before my wedding, my brother and his mates decided to give me an impromptu stag night (even though I'd already had one two weeks before) and stupidly I went along with it, somehow getting very drunk! We were in a club in town and my brother had chatted up some girls who kept flirting with me, as the 'groom to be'. One of the girls was all over me. I was trying to fend her off when I was knocked sideways by a killer punch. My bride-to-be's brother had been sent along by my mother to find us and bring us home and he was furious. It took us all night to persuade him that nothing was going on and not to tell his sister and by the time I was due to be married I was so hungover and tired that I could barely stand up. Plus I had a bruise on my cheek! Luckily, my wife has a great sense of humour and now teases me about it, but I never want to relive the night before my wedding again!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

My best Friends stag do in noosa. I bought him a blow up sheep (flossy) which we attached to him on our merry nightclub jaunt. We decided to make him scull beer out of it's anal cavity (which incidently took the better part of 3 pints) in the middle of the dancefloor surrounded by lovely ladies. The Grooms crazy South Australian cousin (wearing a nappy i might add) lumbered in out of the crowd just as my mate was raising the asshole to drink from and clapped his handson either side of flossy's flanks causing the beer to fountain up and over everyone in a 2 metre radius... including aforementioned lovely ladies. needless to say we wer rather hastily ejected from the premises.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Pub crawl through the many bars of the Tron asking the hottest bar lady for the nastiest shot she could make. Of course he didn't last until past 9pm! Great night!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

My first stag night was a drinking and smoking marathon right up to the time I arrived at the wedding got married totally wasted. My second was even better, spent the night worshiping my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, totally wasted on the Holy Spirit, I totally recommend it.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Watching a mate tied to the back of a tow truck crucifix style in only his boxers and driven up Queen Street.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

It was the pink slippers that did it!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

we had a stag night an hens party an had talked the bride who was for her job a stag stripper anyway into doing one last job as we told her it was my best mates stag do an he wanted a stripper gram an they couldnt get one she agreed so we all dressed up as men with stick on beards an all looking like guys an turned up she walked in an her groom 2 b was blindfolded the boys had made him over to look like a girl lol so she was stripper at her husband to be stag doo it was awsome as.. we had the spot light on them an room was dark an then when she took off his blind fold he said how bout one last kiss for a single man she said ok an kissed his check he said is that it she then said sorry im geetn married tommorow an we turned the lights on to there suprise his wife to be was his best stag gift ever....sorry no pic as we arnt mates anymore 8years down the track she has all picks but it was totally awsome

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