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Drop it, soak it, freeze it, and even cover it in dirt, the XP10 won’t let you down.  Fujifilm created this durable camera for those of us who live life on the edge. The XP10 is waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof to 1 metre, freeze proof to minus 10 degrees and dustproof.  Loaded with all the latest features, the resilient XP10 has 12 Megapixel resolution, 5x Fujinon lens and high definition recording, so you can capture breathtaking images with total peace of mind – even if you are channelling your inner Rambo! The XP10’s tough credentials are neatly hidden in its small, lightweight and stylish metal body which is so slim you can... read full article


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Cousin's Stag Do in Welly. Along with the usual list of stag do shenanigans (several feral cougar hookups, extensive boat racing and a t-rex costume for the stag), in one night we had ticked the following boxes: 3 v 3 game of 'punch-for-punch' with some navy boys from the hmnzs Canterbury which we lost miserably, ended with our proud stag bitch slapping his opposite and all of us running like schoolboys out of the Bristol. A breakdancing comp in that asian bar which we WON and earned ourselves a round at their expense. Arm wrestling comp in kiwi bar brought on by best man's ridiculous claims of an undefeated record and putting $100 on the table. Four man striptease in cavern club for a couple of old bids. All gets a bit hazy after that, morning result was: two of the boys waking up with one in a superman and the other in a batman costume. No recollection of how they got their outfits but superman was minus his $2k tag heuer. Aussie mate arrested for obstruction, had no idea we don't have 'move on' notices in nz. Personal highlight was being recognised by a decent looking girl after me and best man streaked a hens party in the function side of big kumura: she recognised a tattoo on my arse and had seen me streak a bar in boulder (kalgoorlie, WA!) What are the oddsâ... of a decent looking girl ever being in boulder. Bloody good stag outing.

lol winner right here


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99



Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Watching the stag parade around inside a bar, wearing only a g-string, showing off all his bruises and welts to the patrons, which he had received after being paddled on the ass by strangers at the Albany mall before being taken to paintball and cowering on the ground as the stag party stood over him and emptied the guns onto him.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

The stag dress as Ronald McDonald walking up Queen street,began directing traffic in the middle of Queen and Victoria intersection. Calling out traffic sitting at a red light. How no one crashed is a miracle. Then proceeded into Burger King to telling everyone their burgers are crap. Needless to say the staff asked us to leave. Looking at the photo I can see why.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Woke up in Arrowtown. Party was in Dunedin.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

I have recently come back from a 30 man Stag party taking place in ibiza for 2 weeks. All us boys decided to pay a dwarf painted blue to look like a smurf to spend the week handcuffed to the groom. The groom had to supply food and drink for his little blue companion :D Funniest 2 weeks ever!!! Here's a couple of photos thats been posted online. http://www.staginabag.co.uk/images/stag%20party%20smurf.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9Am2i-xw9qM/RqRlMJAotSI/AAAAAAAAAAU/I4nrxGx1NW4/s400/stag+do+2.jpg


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

While the attached picture isn't me, by the end of my stag night it would be a very close representation. Long story short, I was woken up at 4am and 'forced' to put on a bikini. I was then fed a 'man's breakfast' of weetbix and beer (instead of milk)... I was allowed a little bit of sugar. My 'getup' then changed around lunchtime to a trashy pink tanktop with torn denim hotpants (over the bikini), during a muddy game of rugby with all the boys at the park. As you can imagine I came out fairly bruised and beaten. Come night time I had not been aloud to change so was dirty and had a split lip (cant remember how). After being fed a bottle of cheap horrible rum (Mad Jacks), the services of a dodgy hooker were purchased. We were handcuffed and paraded up and down K Road for all of the late night drunks to see. I don't know who looked or smelled worse, me or the hooker. This was the best night of my mate's lives and my worst. I wish I could say I don't remember it!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

My fiancee coming home to ME 8-)


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Best Stag night was when the groom (tied to a sack barrow) feel onto the edge of the stage and broke his nose. At the wedding he was wearing more make up than the bride.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

my best mate had a big boozy night out with the boys in auck night b4 wedding and woke up on a bus in bulls on way to wellington in a only a tutu .. missed wedding as wellington airport was closed due to fog .. still not married


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