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Drop it, soak it, freeze it, and even cover it in dirt, the XP10 won’t let you down.  Fujifilm created this durable camera for those of us who live life on the edge. The XP10 is waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof to 1 metre, freeze proof to minus 10 degrees and dustproof.  Loaded with all the latest features, the resilient XP10 has 12 Megapixel resolution, 5x Fujinon lens and high definition recording, so you can capture breathtaking images with total peace of mind – even if you are channelling your inner Rambo! The XP10’s tough credentials are neatly hidden in its small, lightweight and stylish metal body which is so slim you can... read full article


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Stag ending up in the Otahuhu cells in a borat swim suit.

my oh my and was the best night of your life with your new jail cell bff????? happens to the best of us,

Best stag do. being handcuff outside the police station in a g-string.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

On my stag night my best man managed to set fire to his own house. Turn's out BBQ's inside don't work.

haha - classic !!

Best part was his flatmate is a fireman.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Stag and (male) friend broke in to a holiday camp, then into an (at the time) unoccupied tent, fell asleep, and woke up to 3 policemen twisting their ears to wake them up to join them for coffee a stern word back at the station!

similar thing happened to friend of mine only he got so drunk he wandered out to the carpark and climbed into his car to sleep it off. midway thorough the night he woke up and chundered on the floor. back to sleep and when he woke in the morning to the wicked smell of his own vomit he climbed out for fresh air, then realized it wasnt even his car. he left it and snuck off!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeewwwww.


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Great ending but unfortunately nobody knows the story =\ Anyway, mate of mine, woke up on, on his wedding day, in plaster from the hip down. He cracked his femur some how!! Spent the honeymoon in a cast from the hip down ... Needless to say, wifey wasn't happy!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

being on a bus pub crawl thru central otago and getting a bbq table from shingle creek pub on bus in one peice then trying to clutch start the bus down driveway ,the driver was not happy


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

stag night having to do ten crazy mexican shots (vodka and tabasco sauce, only getting the first one down then just making it to the door of the bathroom and spewing over the whole bathroom and then having to walk up to the bar man and tell him in front of everybody


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

Dressed the groom up in woman's clothing then dropped him 200kms away from home with nothing. Lucky guy walked into a hotel and explained his situation - they put him up for free for the night and paid for him to get home!!!!!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

seletaped toll a poll naked :) always bring out red cheecks ;)


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

I can think of the worst one...lucky there are no pictures...at my mates Stag-Do... the stripper had beads stored "up there" & she pulled them out and wrapped a big string of them back & forwards around the grooms neck... "ok & all good" you may think...but the rotten fish smell made everyone in the room gag...& laugh & gag again...was so gross...lucky he was pissed as... no one would shake his hand afterwards... that smell...so so bad!


Win the Fujifilm XP10 worth $399.99

My Bro and man and cousins etc went out on the town. Got really wasted and dress him in a pair of G..... nothing else. How funny He was so wasted and them too... they lost him and where late the next day to the wedding lol.... He was picked up by police and released the next day. He still got married but a lot later on in the afternoon... Great night and Wedding Joke was on him...


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