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 Telecom’s Sanyo 3800 (RRP $299) is sleek, suave and stylish. With a mirrored clam-shell outer, the display of this super-slim mobile phone only appears when the phone is in use. It’s packed with features including Bluetooth for hands-free calling and a digital VGA camera.  And, with phone book space to store 300 friends and family members, you can keep in touch with everyone.    For more information go to www.telecom.co.nz/sanyo3800This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.    Now for the draw, to be in just tell us who your number one contact will be read full article


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

The wife.. To let her know whether or not to put the beer in the fridge so it's cold when I get home from work...


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My fantastic husband


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

I would have to say my dad, so i can get the surf report after uni


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

my sister... shes my besty and lives in australia so it would be helpfull. sorry babe lol i still love you!!!


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My parole officer.


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My wife. Sad I know, but beats saying my mum.


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My Lulu


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

OBAMA as he has Supermans number!!!


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

mrs organgrinder


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

my best mate to organise golf & drinking,

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