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 Telecom’s Sanyo 3800 (RRP $299) is sleek, suave and stylish. With a mirrored clam-shell outer, the display of this super-slim mobile phone only appears when the phone is in use. It’s packed with features including Bluetooth for hands-free calling and a digital VGA camera.  And, with phone book space to store 300 friends and family members, you can keep in touch with everyone.    For more information go to www.telecom.co.nz/sanyo3800This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.    Now for the draw, to be in just tell us who your number one contact will be read full article


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My partner!!!!! I always put Aa##### so he is listed 1st because he is my most frequent caller. :)


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My boyfriend for sure :-) God I'd love this phone I sooooooooooo need a new one...


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

my woman


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

I'm so far behind on technology that my phone is currently being used as a brick to cover the holes at the side of my house... so I usually don't have a number one contact... But- If I were to win this sleek, suave and stylish Telecom Sanyo 3800... My Number one contact will be... Frank! (To say thank you for this amazing prize!) Then I'd take the phone/brick out of the wall and slather it in concrete so it will finally be mounted firmly into the wall and that nasty draft can't come in when I'm using my phone Cheers :-)


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

The Wife!


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

Mother Dearest


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

my lovely husband


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

My wife, especially as our newest addition to our family is due to arrive very soon....


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

Don't know what to say, would be my husband but then thats not very origanial or interesting so im going to have to say Brad Pitt, watch out Angie he already left one wife hahaha


Win Telecom's Sanyo 3800

last time i checked this was a mens magazine? go read ur gossip columns females


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