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Win a double pass to see Paranormal 3 Young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity haunting their home. This creepy supernatural thriller is the prequel to the terrifying Paranormal movies 1 and 2, and will escalate your fears far beyond what you could anticipate. See where it all began. In cinemas October 20. Get Frank has 5 double passes to giveaway. To enter, let us know if you have seen either Paranormal 1 or 2! COMPETITION CLOSEDWinners: Alex(evolution_nz), New Member(triplet_tavai), Prettyboy, Likamicaphone & Andrew(over_the_hill_nz)   read full article


WIN Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

The first was probably the best, 2nd not too bad. Lets see what this ones like!


I have seen 1 & 2, I nearly crapped my pants watching both of them...I wonder if 3 is as creepy as the other ones!


Have seen both of them, the first being the best, hopefully the 3rd is better than the 2nd one.


Won the second- not seen the first- but great to see a simple concept can still make you sh#t your pants...I watched it in the dark and 'er indoors left early...even tho you know something is about to happen...it does...and you sh%t your pants again...love it. Dark room and HT makes it even better.


Have seen neither but would dearly love to see one. It may encourage me to see the others.


Yep I've seen both 1 and 2 and am totally looking forward to the 3rd Installment.Just love scary shit:)


i've watched both, great movie to watch with a loved one, when something freaky happens you have them just about sitting on your lap, lol!


neither but my 13 year old niece raves about both of them


Not yet but they look really good


Loved both of them! Cant wait to see the third- so excited

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