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Herradura has revealed a sleek new look for the discerning drinker, while still maintaining the same authentic tequila quality, smoothness and flavour the iconic Mexican brand is known for producing. An ultra premium spirit, Herradura is used to enhance cocktails and best served as a refreshing long drink or straight up for sipping.  Each of the varieties in the 140 year old Herradura range, Plata, Reposado and Añejo will now be presented in an elegantly tapered, square shaped bottle with an embossed ribbon seal which showcases the natural essence of the tequila.  GetFrank has 5 bottles of Herradura Reposado Tequila to give away, RRP... read full article


Win one of Five Bottles of Herradura Tequila

Do I want to get in trouble ??? Heck no !!! Will I get in trouble ??? Probably !!! Wine, women and tequila.....the flashbacks just keep on coming !!!


i would just to love to get this, my favourite drink!


there are discerning tequila drinkers? A night on the tequila can only be topped by a night on arak for all round messiness in my experience


I would be kind to the worm.........honest!

I don't see any worm, has this bottle been opened?


Could be a fun night watching rugby with this to warm you up!


Hmmmm... I could see myself getting into trouble. One of my Fav's


I have precious few memories of my finest moments on Tequila, always a good sign...


yum! thats all i can say


Looks like a good quality bottle of the hard stuff, just right for a small party of friends watching the Rugby on TV. Oh yeah!


One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila... Floor.... some times I can get to six... but thats what I am six all over the place!!!

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