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McDonald’s is taking Kiwis on an all American roadtrip of taste with its new limited time only menu selection straight from the US of A. Along with the delicious Chilli Cheese Pops, crunchy Waffle Cones and the world famous breakfast McGriddle, the Tastes of America line up includes the California Chicken, Smoky Texas and Classic New York burgers. We have 10 vouchers for one of the new American burgers to give away valued from $5.90 each. To enter, simply comment below! Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize! Check out McDonald’s New Zealand on... read full article


Nom nom nom...Cali chicken for the win :)


The new American burger range sounds sooooo! delish


MMMmmm those chilli cheese poppers are popping nice


Yum, yum, yum.....and did I mention YUM!!!!!


I was trying to read the description of the American burgers but I was distracted by the pick up lines banner - Most awesome guys. Anyway, we are due to go to McD's in the next two weeks. I know, mean mum who rations out the trips to the takeaway stores but the voucher would definitely come in handy. Especially for my son who finds it hard to try something different. I had to pack a stinky last time we were in McD's and refused to buy anything until he got one of those yummy lamb burgers. He loved it, of course and totally did not regret it. With any luck, the American range will also be loved although knowing him, reluctantly tried.


Those waffle cones look tasty


Maccas are my favourite takeway. Sign me up for the draw. Thanks very much.


McDonalds yuumm! I'm Loving it!


Don't care what others say about McDonalds. I'm a fan!


mmmm maccas

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