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Established in 1815, Laphroaig is the world’s best selling Islay malt whisky and is known to be the most richly flavoured of all Scotch whiskies. The distillery still owns its own peat moors and produces its own maltings. Its whisky maturation warehouses directly face the sea, which contributes to the very characterful whisky it produces. GetFrank has two bottle of Laphroaig to giveaway. The winners will be selected by their worthy contribution to the Suave forum. read full article



I knew you would like that one WG....hehehe


Laphroaig, Laphroaaig..why so suave


Laphroaig, Laphroaaig..why so suave


Bond, James Bond, is'nt he the definition of suave? next to my hubbie of course, well i would say that after drinking a bottle of the stuff. just how do you pronounce it?

Laffroyg. Unless you've drunk more than half a bottle, in which case it's Lff... Larrrrrrrrr... fRRRRR.... ahhh fuckit!


Fantastic prize, solves my dilemma of what to get the father-in-law.... I'll gift wrap the tube the bottle "failed to arrive in"!


hmmmmm yummy


Laphroaig Malt whisky story: The 1745 rebellion split Scotland in half, pitting clan against clan. The McCabe brothers, being of McDonald stock, had supported the crown - the wrong half! By around 1810, they had changed their name to Johnston, moved to remote Islay and bought 1000 acres of farmland at Laphroaig for rearing cattle. Now to raise cattle, you must grow "feed" barley for the long winter months. And what do you do with the surplus barley? Well, ferment beer if you are English - but for an Islay Scotsman there is only one thing: distil whisky! By 1815 the word had spread around Islay that the whisky being produced at Laphroaig was particularly good - their source of water being very soft, peaty and lacking in minerals. It soon became more profitable to distill whisky than raise cattle - and in that year Laphroaig whisky was "officially" born.

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