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Fat Science: Why Diets and Exercise Don’t Work – and What Does By Robyn Toomath Science tells us that our own efforts – following diets, heading to the gym or taking some new pills – are defeated again and again by our genes. $29.99 Drawing on the latest research and twenty years of working with overweight patients, this short and punchy book dispels myths and tells the tough truths about our obesity epidemic. Does dieting work? (No.) Is exercise the answer? (No.) Can we change our genes? (Unfortunately not.) How about pills and surgery? (Sometimes, but we can’t operate on everyone.) Why are the rich thinner than the poor?... read full article


Win Fat Science by Robyn Toomath $29.99

Does this book explain my tummy aka gut? Keen to read it and find out. I will let you know my findings if I get it from you.


It would be great to end the obesity epidemic - maybe reading this book will help.


It sounds really interesting!


Good chance


This book looks like it would be really helpful to aid me in recovering from the weight I gained due to being inactive after an emergency surgery please, thank you.


I'd love to know what does work


Sounds like an interesting read! Would love to get my hands on a copy


Hey I'm into Fat Science after changing my ways several years ago. My doctor informed me back then l had high cholesterol and if l didn't act soon l could be heading towards diabetes. It did take discipline but l got there.


I would love to read this the obesity epidemic is getting way beyond control.


Looks good

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