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Early Europeans may have believed the world was flat, but by the Middle Ages there was widespread acceptance that it was, in fact, a globe. What remained a mystery, however, was what lay on the “other side”.    Some believed it was a source of riches, an ocean harbouring countries where gold and unimaginable riches could be found, including islands from which King Solomon had obtained his wealth. In addition, the belief in a vast southern continent went back centuries, and many expeditions set out to find it, sometimes in search of wealth, sometimes to convert its inhabitants to Christianity. This is the story of the voyages into... read full article


Win Chasing a Dream by John Dunmore $39.99

The world is flat - no question!!!


It sounds like an awesome read!


This sounds blimmin' good! Would love to win a copy!


There's a lot of world to explore. Certainly not flat, and there are other dimensions to explore with diving, climbing, or gliding. When you think you've seen it all, try another perspective.


I would like to read this book.


Should be a great read


I am currently recovering from an operation so a good read would be most appreciated please, thank you.


Looks to be a good read


The world is a globe!?




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