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Don’t be tricked by your neighbourhood kids this Halloween! Boo! It’s Halloween on Wednesday 31 October and thanks to Cadbury and Pascall the chances of getting tricked by your neighbourhood kids are now much smaller. We have five deliciously delectable Halloween treat packs of Cadbury and Pascall wrapped chocolates and lollies to give away – perfect to keep the tricks at bay.  Stock up and join in the fun this Halloween! To enter, simply comment below with with your best ever Halloween trick get in quick to get this spookily good prize! read full article


Win Cadbury and Pascall Halloween treat packs

What an awesome prize to win with such a variety of goodies...bring on Halloween!! ♥

you are correct! its such a great time to win chocolate for now,

its a thrilling time for chocolate.:)


How about the fake bloody finger in the match box! Nothing like a little gruesome sight for the trick!


OK- this has to be good for me eh?


We rarely get door knockers, but one year we hid up in the tree branches wearing our devil costumes and jumped down on the trick-or-treaters haha. They got quite a fright.


One year as the kids came to the front door we snuck around from the back in our freddy and jason masks and would see how close we could get to them before they noticed us. This was so funny but we had some pretty freaked out kids leave our property.


I would answer the front door to the trick or treater's and my partner would sneak out the side door and come up and stand behind them in a gorilla mask. When they turned around he would shout 'Boo' and they would all nearly crap their pants.


ohh i want this - seems pre mean for a giveaway , CHOCOLAAATE . yum yum yum yum yum (: hahahaha love trick or treating hhhahahaha when i was little , now the only way i can go is to take my little cousins haha lmao


One year we had a number of people at our house and so when the treak or treaters came to the door we told them to come in and we all yelled surprise. The kids were very confused to day the least.


As a child i had a devil's mask that i wore scaring smaller kids. It backfired. I had nightmares for weeks following.


I love picnic bars and milkshakes :P

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