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Roll anywhere with the Air Hogs RollerCopter! This totally new RC helicopter enables pilots to roll along the ground, up walls and even along the ceiling! The patented protective cage allows the helicopter to take serious crash and bumps and keeps on going. It's virtually unstoppable! You'll never have to worry about crashing as you roll into an all new RC helicopter experience! GetFrank is pleased to offer our viewers a chance to win an Air Hogs Rollercopter. To enter simply comment below then head over to our  Current Events & Sports Forum to make a decent contribution to finalize your entry. Make sure you check out next weeks... read full article


Win an Air Hogs Rollercopter

These look like they could provide hours of fun - my little boy saw it over my shoulder - he is keen to get one too !


this is just what i need, last xmas, i brought my 13yo son and myself a couple RC helicopters, He has managed to master the bloody thing, while me....im still on my learners, with this, i can get the much needed practice in when he isnt watching, without having to worry about wasting MY chopper, then once ive mastered....I can show the tike how its done hahaha, so come on Frank.....help an epic crashing, misguided, RC helicopter wielding father, to not only teach his son a lesson (instead of the other way around), but also keep other victims in the house safe from a beaten down dad!!!


Looks like a cool toy please, thank you.


Great a Roller-copter, almost looks like it has trainer wheels!


This would please the cat!


Maaaate! This will work anywhere - if this thing can carry a GoPro, I can make mean footage... and hand it over to the 2 younger fellas, not worrying about breaking it to bits! Nice work!


Man this looks awesome!


yep. this is what I need!


Awesome. Count me in !!!


Total fun without breaking anything. Sounds good.


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