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ABSOLUT Vodka continues their tradition of unveiling exclusive seasonal gift packs, with the launch of ABSOLUT MODE EDITION. This innovative redesign of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle reflects the world of fashion and to celebrate its release, we have a bottle ofABSOLUT MODE EDITION to give away. To enter: Contribute to our Current Events & Sports forum. You must be 18 or over to enter. Enjoy with ABSOLUT responsibility.  For more information about ABSOLUT MODE EDITION visit www.absolut.com/nz  COMPETITION CLOSED Winner(s): Kiwi Gas read full article



I was asked for ID at the supermarket yesterday and I did wonder if one day I'm going to feel flattered that they ask or if they're going to keep on asking me until one day I'm really insulted that they stop asking.


KH - I hate the way they call the manager over and they greet you warmly and then squint at you when you reply, trying to see how many wrinkles you have. I try to respond as straight faced as possible.


Be thankful you're being asked, I can't remember the last time I was, but it was decades ago.

But sometimes people ask me if I'm in school, as in school, not university and I left that a decade ago.


"Did you leave recently?"

"Not really..."

It does start to get old!

Oh you poor, poor thing! My heart bleeds for you... Come back in ten years and tell us if it still bothers you :)

With my luck I'll probably just have the opposite problem. I'll suddenly reach an age where instead of looking my age I'll start looking way older than I am. Bound to happen!


...Absolut Vodka....my favourite of them all....the only drink I still have when socialising....lol which is saying a lot considering what other beverages I use to consume....AV is me old faithful...great drink...great pize...


wow what an awesome prize to win


mmmmm...nice bottle- wont mind seeing an empty one @ my place.

More than happy to send you the empty bottle if I win!


Be still my empty heart.......

I know, right? I'm so fucking romantic it makes me want to SPIT!


Oh and here's me just run out of absolut vodka, perfect timing!


my favorite tipple, lovely with ice!

The only way as far as I'm concerned is to keep it in the freezer... then you don't need ice.


Great to make Moscow mules with!!


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