Discussing :: Win all of Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

With the launch of Frank's Top 7 in Style for March 2011, you can win the lot. This killer prize pack includes >> Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers Hario Syphon & 250grams of Roaster’s Choice from Atomic Coffee Three Month Les Mills Membership Nicholas Jermyn Italian Leather Briefcase & Cufflinks Six Month Casual Membership to Generator & A Case of Penfolds Bin 28 To win it all make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on the specific page you deem the best in Frank's Top 7 in Style for 2011, and then once you've done that tell us in the comments which element of the prize pack you want most. COMPETITION... read full article


Love the idea of the generator but I don't live in Auckland. But the style of the cuff links and brief case is soooooooooooooooooo cool. I can just see myself turning up at a dairy shed at milking time with a lovely number like that!


How could the sound of things really be for you and I
We Get Franked, wind up the sounds on the logitech S715i
Travel the beaches hitting the surf later BBQ and steak sanches
Hot coffee a good bin 28 the right company to party through sunrise
Remembering the hours in the gym keeping in shape
While working around the gym with Jerman accessories
Would this make me a world class athlete? nah
But I feel good, look sharp, drink great wine, travel and surf with my sounds
The only thing left is inner peace and sharing this.
OK I neeed the speakers while I take these photos at the beach
the rest would be great.

how come the rest of photo did not load?


Nicholas Jermyn Italian Leather Briefcase & Cufflinks pleeeeeeeeeeeease


Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers would be awesome as you can use them almost anywhere.....use them too for a bloody loud alarm clock that would defiantly wake myself and a few of the neighbors up in the mornings !!!!!!!!!!


What I want most is... $1 million!!

..oh that's not on the prize list??!? well in that case I'd say Les Mills Membership is what I want - actually, its what I NEED - the most... afterall, there are some things money can't (really) buy.. and fitness and wellbeing is right up there!


Ther Nicholas Jermyn italian leather briefcase and 5c Cufflinks are pretty grouse ! !, i think those.


Um, this page because it has all the prizes. dumbasses!


Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers is the prize i would like to win. :))


Nice speakers.


It's got to be the cufflinks... no wait... the coffee machine... no wait... the speakers... no wait... better just send me the lot, then I won't have to decide.


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