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No we're not kidding, you can win the lot.  This prize pack includes a bottle of each of the following >>Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Jim Beam BourbonCanadian Club Jameson Irish WhiskeyGlenmorange Single MaltHayman's Ginel Jimador TequilaStolen RumHennessy CognacABSOLUT VodkaDisaronno AmarettoThe Irishman Irish Cream De Kuyper Creme De CacaoKahlua Coffee LiqueurDolin VermouthContreauWe won't drag this out any further... to be in for the win make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on 'Frank's Home Bar Essentials' and then tell us in the comments how you would celebrate winning this lot and what recipe(s)... read full article


I would definately buy the biggest book I can find on cocktails and see what happens...


I would celebrate winning it by inviting my mother for dinner,(all the way from Ireland)to join me and a select few close friends to sample the results of my creative cooking,(Heston, eat yer heart out, Masterchef, move over )
I would start with a duck breast marinated in Contreau and fennel, accompanied by a glass of cognac(to wash it down), followed by main of Venison eye fillet, soaked for a day in Jameisons and rosemary(with a few other herbs), followed by dessert of icecream which is two parts, first being The Irishman Irish Cream
and pecan icecream twisted into a large balloon glass with equal part of Kahlua and coffee fudge icecream.
After dinner would consist of creating cocktails adlib, to which all present are involved in the input of ideas, and also the very same guinea pigs,haha.
If nothing else, if I ballzed up the dinner, no one would probably remember the next day,lol


I think there's enough raw materials here for a 'mix your own' party, just bring the soft drinks and fruit juice. $Probably start with a Mainbrace (Cointreau, Gin and Grapefruit Juice) and move on from there.


I would celebrate winning the lot at my 21st that is coming up soon. As an amateur bartender i would be mixing up heaps of drinks for my mates such as martinis, margaritas, sidecars and daiquiris for my classy mates, making kamikazes and B52 shots to really get the party going and tequila sunrises for one of my mates in particular


i would throw a massive cocktail party 4 my partners 21st using the cocktail books nd dvds i have collected


I would celebrate by having a late house warming party. I'm sure we'd make a Tequila Slammer and a Tequila Sunrise and maybe some Martinis for the girls. My flatmate's a bartender, so I'm sure we'll come up with some other delicious stuff too.


I would invite all my mates around for a few responsible Long Island Ice Teas and Rob Roys then a few irresponsible ones then the night will go from there hahahahaha


I'd pour 2mL of each into a shot glass, and as i added the last drop (contreau), the vessel would turn a magnificent, mysterious blue. The holy shot would then telepathically communicate with me, saying "Cameron! you have a choice! You can leave this potion where it stands, and go back to your normal life, and forget all about this, or you can drink this, (at this point the shot turns a light emanating ruby red) AND BECOME A GOD!"

I'll write the rest of the story in a graphic novel and give GetFrank a copy when I've experienced it.


My Cocktail book + good friends + 1 night + this prize = endless possibilities


I would throw a "ghost" party during winter to keep the cold at bay. Starting with a few Moscow Mules (30ml Vodka, 15ml lime cordial and top up with ginger beer). Bring out the cocktail book and go from there.


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