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No we're not kidding, you can win the lot.  This prize pack includes a bottle of each of the following >>Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Jim Beam BourbonCanadian Club Jameson Irish WhiskeyGlenmorange Single MaltHayman's Ginel Jimador TequilaStolen RumHennessy CognacABSOLUT VodkaDisaronno AmarettoThe Irishman Irish Cream De Kuyper Creme De CacaoKahlua Coffee LiqueurDolin VermouthContreauWe won't drag this out any further... to be in for the win make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on 'Frank's Home Bar Essentials' and then tell us in the comments how you would celebrate winning this lot and what recipe(s)... read full article


I would celebrate winning this lot by having a party at my flat in Dunedin and I would be serving Belfast Carbombs which is a shooter with 1/2oz Irishman Irish Cream, 1/2oz Kahlua, 1/2ozJamesons Irish Whiskey and 1/2pint of guinness.


Dr's and Nurses Cocktail night with lots of "Sex on the beach" and "Bloody Mary's"


I would surprise my mum with a lovely cocktail party for her 50th.
Myself and siblings as "Bar Staff" (she'd love that)
I've been practicing mixing a lot of cocktails recently, it would be great to surprise her to actually celebrate a birthday with a group of friends with lovely drinks.
Love you mum!


party at my place


I would have a housewarming and birthday party combined, start by mixing up some Black Russians then experiment as the night goes on and finish with a Chivas Regal.


Well, we have friends coming over in August and my daughters 18th birthday party in October so all this would come in very handy. I would make up my own cocktails (which can be quite lethal,so Im told)And there will never be 2 made alike as Im not into measuring!!!
Im sure it will go down well with all the guests.And it will make for a few hilarious potos later in the night


i would have to serve mojitos, whiskey mac's, moscow mules, and a few waitakere daiquri's to all my closest and some of my not so close mates :)


In the 80's we had Bucket parties!! but today they call them Cocktail parties! those days were more laid back, chiiling in the moon light at the beach, river side parties & bomfires.... but alas.....NOW...We would one hell of an awesome Cocktail party for all the friends & family till we'd given this Frank's Home Bar Essentials- PACKAGE TRUE DILIGENCE & JUSTICE! PROST!


Well working on a island in the corromandal itd deffiantly be a good day off for the lads, the spirits being well nedded to drown the sorrows of having no single gals on the place!!! bita good fishing, diving off the dock and alround drunken roundiness is a deffinatly in store one of the boys favourite being the Rangitikei Ripple apparently a mix of every white spirit on the shelf mixed with madori and lemonda the effect being a cracker headache in the morning and some brilliant laughs from the rest of us. Another boys favourite is the sledgehammer apparently a mix of all the whiskeys, rums and bourbons on the list shot back in one blow, tho that one would be reserved for those suffering that cute girl you met online turning up at the wharf and being 200 pounds heavier than she said and here for the hole weekend


I would attempt to create "The Doctor's all Illness Cure" which was this old geezer that would come on tour with my band and could sort out anybody suffering with a cold / flu / hangover prior to a gig with a unknown mix of spirits that was stored in a very old suitacase covered in tour stickers. I don't know what was in it but gosh damn it worked....It might take a few attempts to get it right.

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