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No we're not kidding, you can win the lot.  This prize pack includes a bottle of each of the following >>Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Jim Beam BourbonCanadian Club Jameson Irish WhiskeyGlenmorange Single MaltHayman's Ginel Jimador TequilaStolen RumHennessy CognacABSOLUT VodkaDisaronno AmarettoThe Irishman Irish Cream De Kuyper Creme De CacaoKahlua Coffee LiqueurDolin VermouthContreauWe won't drag this out any further... to be in for the win make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on 'Frank's Home Bar Essentials' and then tell us in the comments how you would celebrate winning this lot and what recipe(s)... read full article


Tequila shots!


If I had this I would definately have to brew up some "Long Island Iced Tea's". My recipe is:
Handful of Ice
2 nips of Tequila
2 nips of Rum
2 nips of Gin
2 nips of Vodka
1 nip of Cointreau
Squeeze of a lemon
Top up with Coke

And finally to finish it off... a straw, a little umbrella and a wee plastic animal that sits on the edge of your glass.

NB: There are many other variations of this recipe but this is my favourite. :)


this would be a nice gift for my 60th this year. The whiskys will go down very well alone with ice. Then I would experiment with the rest of the drinks. Did I mention anything about inviting anyone to the party, just me myself and I and the cat. ok maybe 1 or 2 friends and wellys.


Scotch first... neat as god intended then the imagination can take over


I'd have a few friends around to play the rugby drinking game where each person is assigned a player or two and every time a commentator says there name you have to drink. I like my whisky with coke... nothing fancy.


A Small Gathering with lots of standard mixes,
By Small i mean Large and by standard i mean random,


definitely cocktail party im sure could ivent a few new concoctions with all that :)


I've still gotta get the kids head's sprinkled so might as well bring out the cocktail book with over 100 recipes and get testing


Would be epic do break out some cocktails at my brothers 18th ,bringing a touch of class to some impressionable youngsters and setting them on a better path than their 20 for 20 double brown nights.


Well, we have yet to have a flat warming for 2 out of five at my current flat. So i think a big shindig would do the trick. But not just any house party, i think if planned well it would involve lots of donations for Christchurch and Japan as drinks would be provided; a real 'Have a drink, save a home' party.

I would love to serve a couple personal cocktail creations. 1- Gin, Lemon, Amaretto, dash liqurish liquer (or black sambuca), little sugar. shake and fine strain over ice. YUM! 2- dark rum, teaspoon manuka honey, orange bitters and orange zest. and a little sweet vermouth is optional..divine! and i would also whip up a few orange Mojitos! just to name a few without boring this comment strip.

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