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No we're not kidding, you can win the lot.  This prize pack includes a bottle of each of the following >>Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Jim Beam BourbonCanadian Club Jameson Irish WhiskeyGlenmorange Single MaltHayman's Ginel Jimador TequilaStolen RumHennessy CognacABSOLUT VodkaDisaronno AmarettoThe Irishman Irish Cream De Kuyper Creme De CacaoKahlua Coffee LiqueurDolin VermouthContreauWe won't drag this out any further... to be in for the win make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on 'Frank's Home Bar Essentials' and then tell us in the comments how you would celebrate winning this lot and what recipe(s)... read full article


New Zealand binge drinking culture is bad. We all know that. As a female university student, i have falen prey to it many a time. However, as i am approaching adult hood, i feel that this collection of alcohol would be put to good use in a mature fashion. Casual cocktails would be a must. Celebratory drinks for graduation and important birthday milestones. Also because i do work as a bartender, using this fine collection of br essentials to work on my mixologist skills would be amazing!. Being the student i never get to enjoy the finer drinks in life, and this prize would be the perfect cherry on top of my studying years. Thanks for this opp Frank :) feel free to come over for a drink.


It would have to be a long island iced tea


I would throw a wicked party for all my girlfriends!!! (I am a girl) and then I would hire heaps of sexy naked (maybe a g.string - keep up in suspense) barmen to make us gorgeous cocktails!!! hmmmmm to both :-)


I would get my garage kitted out with pool table, dart board, leather couches, footy on TV and build a bar. I would research each whisky to see if it needs to be had neat, on the rocks or any awesome mixers. For the other spirits there would be the classic mixers (jugs of Mojito). Then create a menu and do a tasting over the night while enjoying some much deserved man time with a small group of close mates.

Dream evening.


A few of the team, some mixes and the nights as long as you make it.


I would celebrate by having a house warming party!
I've moved from Wanganui to Hamilton and the cost of moving was disgusting so haven't been able to organise a house warming as of yet.
One of my friends is a bartender so I'd get him behind the bar making all kinds of fancy drinks.


I would have a 30th Birthday / have one more crazy night before I'm pregnant Party. Would put all the liquor on the bench and let everyone go concoct their own tasty alcoholic drinks.


I'd start with Mojito's all round ....... then have my brother-in-law run a cocktail session for a few friends, so that I can learn a few tricks of the trade.


I would celebrate by....mmmm KEEPING IT ALL TO MYSELF! This stuff is WAY TOO GOOD TO SHARE! (Except maybe with my girl).


I make up some passports and take my friends on an alcohol tour of the world. We could start in the UK with the gin and whiskey, and finish in Mexico with the TEQUILA!!

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