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No we're not kidding, you can win the lot.  This prize pack includes a bottle of each of the following >>Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Jim Beam BourbonCanadian Club Jameson Irish WhiskeyGlenmorange Single MaltHayman's Ginel Jimador TequilaStolen RumHennessy CognacABSOLUT VodkaDisaronno AmarettoThe Irishman Irish Cream De Kuyper Creme De CacaoKahlua Coffee LiqueurDolin VermouthContreauWe won't drag this out any further... to be in for the win make sure you've clicked the facebook like button on 'Frank's Home Bar Essentials' and then tell us in the comments how you would celebrate winning this lot and what recipe(s)... read full article


My 37th is looming on the horizon. My exclusive invitation would feature a picture of Frank's Home Bar Essentials and consist of three venues people would need to visit on the way to the final par-tay location...

En route the guests would need to pass three Reality TV styled tasks, designed to promote hilarity and warm them up for the ensuing night of alcohol fueled frivolity. Successful completion of the task, or even laughter from those observing would entitle people to move through each venue... after consuming one of my favourite cocktails... the 50 cal, liquid cocaine, and a 'wild card' selection. From that point on... well, I think I have the makings of the perfect setting for blackmailing my guests after taking video footage at the party :)


This would be absolutely perfect for my 21st this year if I could find a qualified bartender still in Christchurch!
Would love to try out the Apple Ransom with Hayman's Gin, Dolin Vermouth, white balsamic vinegar-brown sugar reduction, fresh green apple juice and fresh lemon juice.


Our flat is putting a bar in our garage/man cave and this would be a mint collection to start us off and for our opening party, where we would serve up moscow mules, nutty Irishmans, texas teas and latter in the night a few that im not aloud to speak the man of.

name of*


Thanks Frank for this competition! It just made my day knowing that for my 21st I can finally have the party of my dreams! Please help make it come true! My mum lives in another country and my father passed away so hopefully all the alcohol will make up for my family not being able to make it!!! no seriously. Haha Im pretty keen to try some rusty nails and a manhattan?? But we will have to see how that goes! Please make my party the best party of the year :) And by the way all the Get Frank staff are invited!! Woohoo! I know your all keen for some too and thats what its all about - sharing! Now get yall stuffs together and lets make this happen!![youtube]http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=black+eyed+peas+i+got+a+feeling&aq=3[/youtube]


I have a great book of cocktails & shots..I think with this lot, I could hold a great party for my mates, get behind the bar with my magic book and make every single one of them.


I love experimenting and making new cocktails so I would spend most of the afternoon trying out some of my concoctions! Then I would grab a load of friends and play some mean drinking games!! If I was still able to think straight!!! hehe


Id celebrate my win by using this lot for my partners 30th birthday coming up, theres way too many drinks to choose from so id make them all with photos to prove it and it will definitely be a birthday to remember, thanks getfrank !


I just moved into a new place in Kingsland so I would take the opportunity to invite over the neighbours, and some family and friends and mix up some killer drinks!
For my specialty drink, I would make a "Stolen Moscow Mule" - Stolen Rum, ginger beer and Lime! It's a Moscow Mule but with a "Stolen/Kiwi" touch!


It would have to begin with the driest of dry Martinis made dirty as hell with the Haymans and Dolin. Actually the best thing would be knowing that people that enjoy it with me aren't going to spend half an hour looking through a wine list pretending they're making an informed decision before choosing the house sav!


I would invite friends for a proper "suit up" evening, possibly including a late night cigar and whiskey for those who'd be interested. and then on a different day do a cocktail party starting in the afternoon, blossoming into a full on party going through the night! Each person would make their own drink, the best one would win a prize! though i would definitely have to make myself a Carabinieri... gotta be wild sometime!


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