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JUICIER, TASTIER WENDY’S New Zealand’s best tasting burgers just got even tastier thanks to a major revolution  - the first in more than two decades.Still made the old-fashioned way by hand and with real quality ingredients, Wendy’s Real Hot ‘N Juicy burgers now come with a 40 percent thicker, juicier beef patty, a buttered and toasted bun, and new premium toppings like crispy crinkle-cut pickles, red onion and two slices of real New Zealand Colby cheese. All Wendy’s burgers now also come wrapped in wax paper and served in a customised half-box, so you can better see and smell your hot ‘n juicy burger.We have... read full article


Win a Wendy's Voucher

o yummo wendys is my fav but with the cost of bills these days we never get to go there


o yummo wendys is my fav but with the cost of bills these days we never get to go there


WOW!!! Yes please for me and my besties!


Me and my partner love wendys!!! There burgers are yummy!!


If only the burgers looked like it does on this page!!! Our first time at wendy's didn't really lived up to expectation. They say 'tastier' and they say 'juicier'. . . please show me that you've improved wendy's... please.. give me your best shot... please... let me have it... please... disprove my first impressions... pleeeeaaassssseeeeee!!!!


BACONATOR, Wendy's you make mean burgers and the best chips.


Wendy's, the best burger in the world, no Wendy's, better no burger... would be nice to win some vouchers from Frank for myself and my best mate... Cheers!


tired Wendy's once and never went back. these look great would be willing to give it a second shot.


Oh yum, sound so good, thankyou :-)


LOVE Wendy's!! They leave every other burger joint in the dust!! Could totally handle a Homestyle Chicken burger with some nuggets for my little boy =)

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