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A Blazing Fire Without Kindling?Here’s a familiar-sounding scenario: You’re finally home from a hard day’s work. The house is dark and cold. After switching work shoes for slippers, and flicking on a few lights you realise the only way to get the house heated quickly is to light the fire…and all the kindling and firewood is outside in the cold (and possibly damp from the recent rain!).  Here comes a new and easy method – one that not only saves time, but eliminates the need to collect and save newspaper and kindling. Tui Firemagic Firestarters, new from Tui Products, are all that’s needed to quickly produce a... read full article


Win a Tui firemagic winter warmer prize pack

sweet just the thing to help warm the house.


A great prize with all the cold weather happening.


Yes please, just in time before i run out of wood


Great, I'm always trying to scrape together kindling after work to light the fire.


Great prize for winter


Just what is needed for the fireplace


This would make a great present for my neighbours please, thank you.


Oh YEAH! give this to my Wife! she hopeless starting the Fire! if you can Save My day with Tui firemagic pack!AWESOME!


I would put the ability to make fire right behind water, shelter, and food in the list of most important things in a survival situation, and before food and shelter in some cases. Since being able to start a fire is so important, are you really going to rely on only one or two ways to do it? no! I'm going to rely on my Tui Firemagic Firestarters, :)


top prize much better than newspaper.


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