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WHAT’S HOT FROM TRANSFORMERSGet the latest in from Transformers Beast Hunters!This ultimate robot prize pack includes: Transformers Prime Commander & Deluxe scale, 2 x Bot Shots Brawlers packs, a KRE-O Microchanger Combiner AND a KRE-O figure set.  They include all your favourite characters packed out in 'beast mode' including Optimus Prime, Autobot & Decepticon as well as new weapons & accesories to take on the vicious villain Predaking.  Its time to ‘beast up’ your collection.   Total Value RRP $139.99Pack Item Details include: 1x Transformers Prime Deluxe Beast/Dragon Hunters1x Transformers Beast... read full article


Win a Transformers prize pack for the kids

This is awesome! for the kids of course, not to relive my childhood lol


haha to quote family guy, the stuff i loved as a kid but hated as a teenager, I now really love as an adult!


That would make a very nice birthday present and would come at the right time too.


My 5 year old is bat shit crazy about Transformers, they are apparently robots in disguise


Know some kids who would absolutely love this.


O my god this is the best weeks for comps ever.........they look like the classic toys too not that modern crap.


Another great prize! Please put me in the draw.


Wow What neat stuff for the kids (large and small) to play with


What an awesome prize! My 3 year old grandson loves transformers. He has 'octopus prime' lol. So cute.


hehe I know the prize says "For the kids" but my husband is really into transformers and has even convinced our 5 year old daughter to put the barbies down and play with Ratchet lol

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