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Smirnoff Unleashes #PurePotential Smirnoff sees the potential in any ingredient to make a great drink – in fact, it sees the potential in everything around you from sidewalks as dance floors, jars as glasses and elevators as the start of an office romance! It’s a lot easier to make a drink than you think and most of the time you can find all of the ingredients you’ll need right in your kitchen. Coffee, fruit, milk, sugar, soda water… ice blocks? They’re all perfect mixers to work with Smirnoff vodka – that leftover stick of celery could be the start to the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever... read full article


Long Island Ice tea - so love this drink


I love vodka, peach schnapps and lemonade - so refreshing!


I love vodka, lime and soda water with some mint sprigs and lots of ice. Great on a hot day - now we just need some hot days!


Mai tai - as it instantly conjures up memories of warm, balmy evenings in Fiji.


Harvey Wallbanger - a great mixture of vodka, orange juice and galliano. Easy to prepare and awesome to drink.


jumping jack flash myway made it up myself 50ml Jack Daniels 50ml amaretto 10ml Bundaberg Original, ginger ale ,ice then shake it up


A Margarita because I love the combination of the lime and salt with the Tequila. A refreshing drink that can be made so many different ways!...:) x


A 'Flying Grasshopper' - 'cause of the taste and it tests whether the barman's done his homework. Damn good and it's green - Xmas appropriate.


Harvey Wallbangers because they are healthy for you with the orange juice in them.

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