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THE SKINNY LEAP OF FAITH After seeing the death defying feats of Luke Smith and Jed Mildon, Skinny made a leap of faith to have their backs in a sponsorship deal through thick and thin!And thick and thin it has been. Jed was the first person in the world to perform a BMX triple back flip and is rumoured to be attempting a quadruple back flip this year. Luke has faced numerous accidents, but demonstrates sheer determination both in the air and recovering from intensive care! Jed is a BMX rider and Luke is a Freestyle Motocross rider, both local lads, both sponsored by Skinny and both performing as part of the Nitro Circus Live 2013 New Zealand Tour.... read full article


The head is willing but the body ain't,good on skinny for sponsoring things we can only dream of now...


Skinny seems like a great network to be on...more competition for the other companies, which will hopefully bring down their prices. GO SKINNY!!!


My old phone was like a brick, and has eventually made it to long overdue brick heaven. I could give some love to a Skinny, no make that lots of love, I'm getting a bit tired of being 'Billy no phone tethered to a landline'


Good advertising Getfrank - I'd never heard of skinny and now i'm thinking about getting one - being on vodafone prepay for years and the stupid old phones all seem to be set up to do lots of pocket calling to always use up my credit, grrrr it is so annoying - mind, my phone is an old burrowed one so its ready for car crunching...


Yerp - gotta be in it to win it! My phone sux!


why go anything else when you can go skinny


I have a NOKIA-oldie, maybe I could upgrade to something better??:) It would be awesome!!


Well this is certainly a big fat skinny prize......


Ive heard great things about skinny!! need a new phone too!


Certainly worth going on a diet for

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