Discussing :: Win a RUFFS prize pack for your pooch

ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES, DOGGISHLY GOOD ON THE INSIDEPurina presents its new RUFFS range for dogs RUFFS are guilt-free treats for dogs. Not only are they good for your mate, they're doggone delicious.  Made from high quality ingredients, so you can feel good about treating your dog. Because no two dogs are exactly the same (that's what we love about them, right?), there's a huge range of doggishly good RUFFS treats to choose from, with a variety of flavours and textures.“Chews” one from the new RUFFS range to treat your furry friend: Hide & Snack with beefEver played a game of 'Hide and Snack'? This... read full article


My dog will be rather happy about these. She will probably wizz on the kitchen floor from excitement.


I try different treats all the time for my dog ( she thinks shes a person) would be nice to give this brand a go too


Purina really must taste good, our cats refuse any other biscuits. Sure the dogs would enjoy a treat too.


On behalf of my Norman (ignorant old lab), he has asked me to post the following statement. "I am currently a stay at home dog, my duties include emptying 'their' fridge, shouting at the meter reader lady and all night security. In order for me to maintain my glorious waistline it is a necessity I go shopping throughout the night. I bring home buckets of spare food (who puts good food in buckets anyway?), sometimes the odd kahwai and parts of deceased comrades. My best trophies include a Christmas cake still in it's baking paper, frozen chicken nuggets complete with frozen shoestring chips and last week a box of biscuits. Although I enjoy my adventures I have to admit I'm not as agile as I was in my youth. Retirement is not an option, so to make the bipeds I employ's life a little easier I would like them to present me with some Ruffs, instead of the processed crap they seem to think I enjoy. I am on the minimum wage and minimum rations, please help. Thank you for taking the time to read my plight Norman"


I've got 3 boarder collies who just go crazy for good treats.


My dog would love to try this!


my Kutu is gona love these


kutu is gona love these


This would be a lovely treat for our pooch.


My dog would be forever grateful if I cam him this to eat!!!!


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