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GetFrank has a PS3™ and the entire God of War Trilogy to give away to one GetFrank reader. In The End There Will Be Only CHAOS. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless... read full article


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

My revenge is one you might not want to get caught doing, at the school camp pick out the 2 bullies and while sleeping smudge red lip stick on ones lips and on the other bully smudge lipstick kiss marks on his cheeks and neck, very funny if you don't get caught


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I had my car broken into back in 93 & happened to find out who had done it, not too much was stolen, but I found out who had done it by seeing some cassette tapes(which I had penned my name on) at one of his friends homes. I put it out there a few days later that I was buying a baseball bat (which I did) and if I ever saw his car around it would end up in a sad state of repair. I wouldn't have gone through with the threat, but that alone kept the guy from driving his pride & joy for over 6 months. When I finally saw him, I demanded money for the things I never got back- he paid me on the spot... A happy ending!!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Me and my girlfriend love each other very much. One day one of my girlfriends friends started sending me naked pics. So i showed my gf... Now there is a porn site featuring the girl lol.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Nothing as outlandish as the others I'm aafraid not really a vengeful person. ONe time after a workmate stuck a drawing pin on my seat I marmited his car door handle. Good laugh when he went home that night. Probably the worst is filling an ex landlords water tank with soap after he evicted us for having a party. I know they're not overly exciting but I'd really like to win this prize :o)


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

In my first year of uni living on campus. We had a rivlery whith onother hall it started of harmless enughf stelling a table hear flipping there couchs there but quicly esuclated too more nater pranks involving things like eggs in printers an a doggie doo bin in there coman room. But the best prank was when me and a few mates whith some equipment i "borrowed" from my chem lab made up some thurmite and welded there frount gate shut one night. I can tell you right now that was the coolest thing id ever seen red hot molten iorn dripping from the newly permantly looked gate needless to say. The Uni starf wer not happy as an angle grinder had to be brought in to free the 90 od students the next day And they promiced to exspell the students resposible if cought. Luckly that seemed to end our little rivlery. I would of hated to see what they would of come up whith to get us back after that. [video]K6i--HLgKW8[/video]

If only the english language could exact revenge, you would be in a world of trouble. Maybe all of these other people talking about karma are right? It seems that despite going to university you're still able to butcher the english language. We need some good old Shakespearean revenge here!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

hehe..I found karma to be the best payback. Very rarely does it not come thru for me :)


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Joss, Karma, What goes around comes around as they say, well I was wrongfully dismissed employment as a yacht captain, when I reused to do something unsafe. I still however did the right thing and spent a week preparing handover notes to my successor who was joining the yacht after I had left. Anyway as fate would have it the yacht left to do a charter in an unsafe state and fate dealt it a devil of a hand. In stead of costing the owner a $5000 in cancellation fees Huey great God of the ocean cost him $150000 in storm damages and all the unsafe parts of the vessel played up as well ruining the charter - its hard to have a good time when you have no aircon or toilets in the tropics. The charters whose holiday was ruined, are now suing the owner and I get to testify - if it ever finally gets to court (been waiting 2.5 years now) so I will get my revenge and best of all its just by telling the truth.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Went to a mates place and this guy just keep giving me shit, it was the second time I saw him there. Keep trying to make me feel small (Jokes lol... Ha Ha) Well everyone wanted a beer (Cans) well I shaked his up really well. Handed out to all of them. He put it right up to his mouth and opened it up.. Well it went up his nose everywhere lol... All over his clothes. Well he said well I didnt see that coming. I better be nice for now on... Everyone was laughing and he did to and he has been nice ever since... He He He and we are good mates now


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I just came out of countdown and then I saw this car trying to park next to my car bump into my car, I waited for the driver of the car to go into countdown and then I went to my car and backed out a bit and then drove my car into the side of the car they bumped mine (my car has front ram bar so it did nothing to my car) and then I backed out and drove into the back of the car. When I finished I looked at how bad the other car was and it looked munted. I went and found another parking spot in the same parking lot and waited to see the reaction of the owner of the other car. When he came back he was frustrated and I just started cracking up, he looked like he was almost gonna cry lol


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

When I was working in a market garden just outside of Kaitaia, the boss stopped paying me. He owed me 6 weeks wages and refused to fix me up. In a fit one night I took his truck and drove it into his pride and joy late model holden. Then I took his tractor which was worth 6 figures and drove it into the milking shed catch ponds. I left that night.


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