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GetFrank has a PS3™ and the entire God of War Trilogy to give away to one GetFrank reader. In The End There Will Be Only CHAOS. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless... read full article


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

First time out flatting with a bunch of guys from Uni we ended up with the neighbour from Hell. Couldn't have the stereo on at all or he would call up Noise Control and say we had it blaring, if we had a few drinks on the deck he'd be out there ranting about how we were bringing down the neighbourhood. The final straw came on an early Sunday morning when he decided to mow his lawns at 6:00am, having had a night out on the town and turps this was utter torture. Waiting until it was lights out at his place that night we crept over the fence and emptied 6 packets of lux flakes into his beloved pool, stirred around with brooms and quickly left. We awoke to find him stood over his pool which was now overflowing with soap suds scratching his head. He then proceeded to test the pool, obviously it hadn't occured that the hooligans next door might have had the brains so be behind it! Most hilarious was a few hours later when a van from a pool centre pulled in, trying to reassure him that it was soap in the pool and not something caused by the companies chemicals and him not having a bar of it. The pool guy stormed off shaking his head. Pool was emptied,cleaned and every day after that he'd be out there checking to see if there was any foam. He just never caught on!!!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

A group of us were on the turps one night at our flat. One of our mates who lived across the road had decided he'd had enough, and went back to his place early. After discussing this for a while we decided that was poor form, and a mate who was visiting from out of town was chosen to drag him back to the party. We gave him directions as to which window was our mates bedroom, and sent him on his way. Unfortunately he got lost, and ended up climbing into the neighbours property, and into a little girls bedroom. It turned into a bit of a scene when the cops arrived with dogs etc, and our mate hiding out the back of our place. It took a fair bit of explaining to to cops and the neighbour to get out of that one...


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Revenge The lovely thing about revenge is that no one should know you have had your revenge. Such jovinile pranks are lovely in there simplicity. Some moron opened there car door onto my car (you know that happen all the time at Foodtown) so I put sardines in his hub caps. Another time a group of us went out clubbing and a mate kept trying to chatting up my girl friend (she was getting annoyed and so was I). All I say is don't plan to pass out at my place when you miss behaving like that. When I knew he was well passed out we got a stick of dark chocolate and ever so carefully slid it between his ass cheeks. To this day he probably wonders why we were laughing so much in the morning.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I moved in with partner into a 12 month lease flat, anyway 3/4 way through the year, I found out she cheated on me, things were not gonna be civil. So over the next few weeks I alienated her from her group of friends using insider information and then slept with someone else in our bed while she was at a party. She found us still there in the morning, she wasn't very happy when I walked out and left she with the rest of the lease. Needless to say a PS3 would have made a good pal while a crashed on mates couches. :)

My revenge is one you might not want to get caught doing, at the school camp pick out the 2 bullies and while sleeping smudge red lip stick on ones lips and on the other bully smudge lipstick kiss marks on his cheeks and neck, very funny if you don't get caught


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

One night at a party my mates girlfriend had a bunch of glowsticks a whole box and i took 3 of them went to town had a blast came back to the party and she punched me in the nuts for borrowing 3 glowsticks...so about a week later her car was parked outside my mates he was having drinks i got pretty drunk and went out and let down all of her tyres then pissed on her door handle. she went apeshit came running in screaming it was amazing. best non violent revenge ever. haha. i still dont think its even though a punch in the nuts is the worst!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Had my i-pod touch stolen off me by a group of tongans so I kicked the door in at there flat one night after hitting the town and stole all their expensive belongings and their passports and work boots, so they got deported


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I believe in Karma so all of my revenge is the total opposite instead of doing harm do some good things instead.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Revenge on my ex, I bought sardines and liquified them in a blender, added oil to make more of a liquid. Then I poured it into the vent on the outside of his car (where the air goes in by bonnet) so that when air conditioning turned on it smelt like sardines.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Revenge only leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge which leads to revenge... Someone has to say STOP so I do not do the revenge thing. Vengeance is mine says God.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

GOW3 looks mind blowing again to say the least, last one in the trilogy so they've got to send it off in their own bloody style. As per revenge I'll fill you in on a little mishap a few years back. Nutcase weirdo stalker chick (brought in new pics of her cats to school everyday??) that wouldn't stop hanging around and acting like she was always doing something but not really. She would ride home early from school to sit on our lawn and watch me come home from school, very awkard to say the least as she is not even a 2 bagger, prawn, butter face whatever you wanna call her it ain't pretty. Anyway she made this big deal one day at school how we were an item and that my then current GF was a lesbian etc blah blah chicks got heavy on each other, cut a long story short me and the girly felt like we needed to get some back. So as you do we got blazed as snuck over to Crazy cat girls house under the cover of darkness and set up her entire back yard in her pool, the table setting, pot plants, kids playgear/slides, BBQ everything all nice and properly laid out on the floor of the pool. I'm ready to leave however... I look over and there's the girly leavin a parcel on the end of the diving board. As she is about to snap it off the outside lights come on. Blinded by the light with half a snickers hangin out she tries to run away and trips, falls over and ends up getting shit from head to toe all over her with a solid concrete graze on her face. We ended up fleeing into the woods, got back to hers and hosed her down outside her garage with her dad looking over my shoulder laughing his head off. Her name Skids, Hershey, Poo's and The Shit was born. YEAH I KNOW, HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMANS SCORN. BUT KARMAS A MO FO TOO.

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