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GetFrank has a PS3™ and the entire God of War Trilogy to give away to one GetFrank reader. In The End There Will Be Only CHAOS. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless... read full article


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I had just started a new job in a new city and me and my mate needed somewhere to head for new years. My new work mates said me and my firend could come so we rocked up. My mate got absolutley written off drunk and I left the party with some bird while he hooked up with a work mate. Anyway while i was gone my mate managed to steel everything he could get his hands on...Digital cameras, cellphones, cellphone chargers...you name it! I hadn't realised but back where he had been liviing on the piss he was known as abit of a case of Kleptomania. The next month at work was hell as I tried to stick up for my m8, but I was not the most popular bloke at work because of bring the guy that stole everything to the party. The chick he had been hooking up with that night was especially angry...(turns out he stole her digital camera from her pocket while hooking up with her, CLASSIC!)My m8 wasn't very apologetic aswell as he never had to see these people again. So when he went away one weekend I decided to get him back....I sold off his new bed on trademe to recover the cost of stuff that never got returned. I flicked the coin to the people that had their things taken that night and had plenty left over. I then organised the girl from work my mate had been hooking up with at the party to come have a drink with me and my m8 at the bar as soon as he got back. I flicked the rest of the coin behind the bar for a tab and the night began. They ended up hooking up with no mention of the fact she had been paid back. He managed to take her home that night and was a very happy man till he found out he had no bed to shag her on. the girl mentioned I had paid her back and my m8 put two and two together. He was furious at first till he ended up staying in her bed. Now they've been going out a year and he's never had to buy a new bedif they had never hooked up again I think he might have taken it a little differently....haha


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I was at a concert recently and some guy behind us was trying to lift us out so he could get closer to the front, he put his arm across my face being a tosser so i moved it out of the way. The guy didnt like this so he punched me , then i just lost it and turned round and pushed him, as soon as he tried punching me he missed and i punched him clean in the face, he then got dragged back about 7 rows. In the end i got to the front and i saw him being ejected from the arena... im not sure if this was revenge but it felt like i had my revenge for him causing me and my friends a hassle. It felt good =D


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Karma, the ugly bigger brother of REVENGE... At 11 years old I was diagnosed with type one diabetes's.And still coping with it to this day. Having a protective father constantly nagging about how I look after myself with diabetes, consistently PISSING me off! Being a teenager at the time I enjoyed my junk food and after school feast (hence why my father persist in all the nagging)! "If I had diabetes I would never touch sweets and be on a perfect diet..." he would always mutter. Now being 24 seems 'karma' heard my cries of frustration, my father has recently been diagnosed with type two diabetes. Seems karma doesn't always dish out the best plate of revenge, but he has not uttered a word about the control of my diabetes as it is not as easy as he once thought. I'm not happy he got diagnosed with it and I know now as a 'semi' adult it was only out of fatherly love. But... Karma, the ugly bigger brother of REVENGE!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I got sick to death of seeing my non-child-support-paying ex flounce around to pick up our son for the weekend dressed in the latest label gear, bragging about his latest exploits so I decided to make a discreet call to IRD. Needless to say, somebody is now making a bit more of a responsible contribution to his child's life.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Work revenge is always the sweetest.. My colleague is an avid Duck shooter. Consequently, i signed him up to a animal rights group. This group basically met once a month to create anti-hunting literature and organised protests when annual hunts, duck shooting etc were commencing. Things got out of hand when he started to recieve phone calls in the middle of the night inviting him to take part in raids associated with hunting etc. He never quite forgave me for that one.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

when we were growing up my older sister picked on me a lot so to take revenge because I couldnt beat her up i would fart in her cup before making her a coffee in it, and then ask her how her drink was while secretly laughing inside till this day she still dont know i use to fart in her cup. lol


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I dont get in2 revenge 2 much but when I was at school I liked a chik then I told my mate I liked her thn he asked her out an he was goin with I was a bit pissed off but I let it go. A couple of years later we had a bussiness deal and he ripped me off all the way I kinda let it go then about afew months later him and the chik had knowhere 2 stay so they came and lived with me I still kinda liked the chik but didn't do nothin then he was rippin off some off my cash and he wernt nice 2 the woman so I took it upon myself as they say to take her upon myself witch felt pretty good when you take somethin like that upon yourself. I also waited untill that great moment when he goes you go out with her then and c how u like it after one of their better moment. I didnt like the revenge 2 much I wont say I hated it. I liked the the takin upon of it but it did end as c ho u like it but I felt pretty good all in all..Thakyou goodnight..take care.. sionara astalavesta and all the other goodbuys..

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