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GetFrank has a PS3™ and the entire God of War Trilogy to give away to one GetFrank reader. In The End There Will Be Only CHAOS. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless... read full article


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Man this looks epic! Nothing wrong with some bloodthirsty violence I say


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

My mates jammed my car into so tight a space that it was impossible to move without crashing it. In retaliation I did a poo froze it and grated it over the floor of their flat. Made for a lovely aroma when it defrosted.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

A friends flatmate was driving me mental (he gave new definition to stupid) so i decided to prank him to get revenge. I started small (short-sheeting his bed, putting raw meat in his shoes) then worked my way up by carefully cutting out porno mag pics and placing them strategically into his photo albums the day before his parents visit (that got an angry response lol). Then the prank that went wrong. he was out late so i carefully leant the handle of a broom against his slightly open door (the idea would be that when he opens door, it would fall and give him a fright) instead, it fell at the wrong height and he walked right into it. Poor guy almost ripped a nut off....ouch He moved out a week later :)


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I'm not usually a vengeful person but a few years I had the absolute worse flatmates in my 1st year of flatting. They were loud, obnoxious, selfish and just generally ugly people to live with. I got stuck with the smallest, coldest and moldiest room in the house which I still had to pay the same amount of rent for. They would use the clothes dryer regularly and when I asked to use it they CUT THE POEWR CABLE! Anywho I finally decided to move out but the night before I left I locked my door with my stereo on full volume with Slayer on continuous loop and went out for the night. Also left a nice "surprise" under their bed ;)


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

April Fools in boarding school was always an interesting time, I was caught out by a friend once with the old glad wrap over the urinal in retaliation I made a special trip to the supermarket, the ingredients we purchased were used in a homemade itching powder. For the next few days the itching powder was placed on nearly every item of his you could imagine, pillows clothes socks in the foam of his earphones toothbrush soap the list goes on. One of the bonuses of having 30-40 people in the same building was it leaves 39 other people it could have been. Anonymous revenge is the best kind :)


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

One day this ant look at me the wrong way. My revenge, I squashed it with my finger.... bwahahahahahahaaaa


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Having just shown my partner my entry she has told me it reminded her of a story from her childhood, it made me cringe to say the least but I will share it on her behalf. Growing up she was very close with her mum, unfortunatly her mother wasnt having much luck with men and often relationships would end badly. As a child my partner, before her mums relationships would end decided to use the males toothbrush to clean the underpart of the toilet lid and around the base. Needless to say I will be hiding my own toothbrush should we ever disagree on antying....ANYTHING.


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

I'm not the revenge type, but the spirit of my ex partner very much is. He recently died while I was away visiting my mother, I couldn't get home for another 2 days after his death and in that time my sister in law broke into our house and stole a good 75% of our stuff. I've managed to get most of it back although a lot is still missing. On the morning of my partner's funeral, my sister in law was mowing the grass, saw a piece of metal in the grass, bent down to pick it up without turning off the mower. The piece of metal was longer than she thought, hit the blade of the mower and sliced her hand open down to the bone. It was awesome! I believe it was my ex who set that up, it just seems like his style.

made up story


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Wow you guys are just nasty.. I'm a strong believer in karma.. So I don't retaliate when negative people do negative things to me. Cos they'll get their comeuppance. My life is full of good vibes and great rewards =) That's the best revenge!


Win a PS3™ and the God of War Trilogy

Personally, I'm not a big revenge fan. Karma always has a way of sorting out the natural balance of things. You do bad things, you'll get bad karma....as the kid in the link below finds out! [video]81oPQ4TZLEQ[/video]

Jeeezus... he won't be doing that again.

Great revenge was to freeze a used condom then put mty frozen little swimmers into their drink..... gotta learn to be nicer huh ::):P


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