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If you were in your teens or twenties during the ‘90s, you know all about Barkers Trackpants. You either owned a pair or wanted a pair. Maybe you were mystified by their ubiquity, but no young New Zealander of that era could have failed to notice the phenomenon. They were expensive ($110), appealed equally to men and women, were worn extremely baggy, and came in a bewildering array of muted, earthy colours. And for years they were on the backsides of style conscious youth the length of the country, selling over 50,000 pairs (a phenomenal number in a country of only around 3 million), and in the process become one of the key cult... read full article


Win a Pair of the Original Barkers Trackpants

I LOVE these pants. I dated a guy who wore some the first time they were released and totally wanted to steal them from him... Might have to get me a pair :) Why do you think they are standing with their knees apart in that photo...

Those pants are so comfy


I used to wear these every single day as a kid. Would play rugby in them at lunchtimes and lost count of the number of patches my mum had to sew into them to cover up the holes. Would love to get my hands on a pair.


I love these!! I shredded mine before I was made to throw them out. Cant wait to get my butt into a new pair!


Completely love these! look so comfy!


All my mates had these but we could never afford to get them, would love some now though!


colour me keen rude.... Lee


i'm baggy keen


All my mates had a pair. I eventually saved enough to get some right at the end of when they were cool. Id love to get some more. This time before my mates


I am very sure they are comfortable to wear, they are Original Barker Trackpants, and I would love to have some of it....


All my mates & both my parents had a pair. I was always too little to fir them. I would now!, i've wanted some since I was 5!

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