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Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland And Bank Some Brownie Points.   The Hilton Auckland has one of the most impressive locations in the City, situated three hundred meters out to sea at the end of Princes Wharf. With unsurpassed views, the Hilton Auckland has 158 luxury rooms and 7 suites, as well as a five-star restaurant, White, and the very stylish Bellini bar. The Hotel is the ideal venue to impress a first date or to re-inject some romance into an existing relationship. Let’s face it, over the winter months we tend to get sidetracked with rugby, soccer and grand prixs! At the moment the Hilton Worldwide, through their loyalty... read full article


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

A holiday in the Maldives would be very romantic.

Brad here, will probably show wife's name again as I stuffed up somewhere.
You are right Maldives for a holiday is very romantic and we stayed on Equator Island which was all inclusive and the diving was fantastic. Would definitely do it again. Just pays to stay at the smaller more friendlier places.


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

Ok - The day starts with me making my girl her favourite breakfast in bed - she's going to need a lot of energy today! When she's ready to get up, I present her with a new dress and pair of shoes, just to see the smile on her face. Once she's dolled up & looking fabulous, I make a call & the limo picks us up... We break out the champagne in the back of the limo, and she keeps asking where we're going... I can't tell her though, it's a surprise. The limo drives us out to the Kelliher Estate, on Puketutu Island in Manukau Harbour. We're met by the lovely hosts, who give us a tour of the beautiful house and grounds. A sumptuous lunch is served, and we have the place entirely to ourselves. Over lunch we're entertained by none other than Greg Johnson, tinkling the ivories while we sip our wines. Following lunch we take a long walk around the grounds, only disturbed occasionally by the waiter who joins us to top up our glasses. Once we come back to the estate, we are again whisked away in the limo.We head for a day spa, where we are both treated to a two hour full service, possibly drifting off for a little in the middle... Feeling totally refreshed, we then head to the waterfront and check in at the Hilton, thanks to GetFrank and their great competition! My girl is blown away by the luxurious deluxe harbour view room, and whilst she settles in I order more wine and a snack from room service. We relax for a couple of hours in our room, possibly indulging ourselves in the luxury spa bath... : ) Having watched the sunset from our balcony, I surprise my lady with one more gift - that sexy new lingerie set she had been admiring a few weeks ago. We (eventually) dress for dinner and head downstairs to the restaurant. A leisurely meal, great conversation, and another bottle of wine later, we take a stroll along the viaduct, stopping in at one of the quieter bars for a cocktail or two. After taking in the sights, we head back to the Hilton and up to our room, put on the big fluffy robes, select a movie from the new releases (I graciously let her pick which one), and snuggle up for the rest of the evening on the king size bed... Sounds alright, eh?


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

The ULTIMATE romantic date is... Pick her up in a limo, drive around town seeing the sights while sipping champagne, stop off for a candlelit dinner at an Italian restaurant by the beach, then back into the limo for some "dessert"...


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

I ride a motorbike, last time I did anything romantic with a man I showed up on my bike wearing nothing but leathers, stockings, suspenders and a sexy bra. He was stoked and we had a VERY romantic night! Good times :-D

...that would do it for me...


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

Pick up in a limo. Drinks and nibbles on the way. Beautiful resturant with soft music playing in the background. Table set with fav flowers. Great conversation. Great food. Ends with a wonderful time together. Ahhhhh


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

Hmmm . Just to have time with your woman and just you is and should be great, exciteing, a memorable night/day, wel to me :) As im allways at work or playing league, and our two babys are at home, so time byourselfs don't come around much . A romantic night : Pick her up, go play minigolf etc, a fun game easy as, so she don't have to be no tiger to play this, you allways can slip in the kiss, the hugs, as she takes that swing or you can say everypoint scored take off some clothes haha . Then go scoop up a beverage ov some sort and take a walk down the beach or somewhere nice, during this your bound to get them kisses and hugs with your gurl also you get to talk and chill with her, also make a trip to the park allways fun to play about like kids again . Then lay down and watch the sun set on the beach, as that happens youll see the stars rise its nice, well to me, you may get the touching the kissing with her if you like . Then back to the Hilton, and enjoy your stay, it will be a great night with the view and other props, and from what iv'e herd its an outstanding stay . You also got to be real nice, and you have to make her feel like a queen and your number one, if not no use doin any ovv this . Cheer's Belbelz


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

the simpicity of winning such a luxurious competion. The sheer excitement of what to wear....the antisapacation of whats to unfold over the 24hrs and of course just being able to spend time with my husband on our own!!!!!!


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

Dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Eiffel tower, then a show at the Moulin Rouge, finishing with a night at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe with a bunch of red roses, French champagne and Belgian chocolates awaiting us -the Ultimate Date!


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

I would rent a cherry picker, drive it to her door, and pick her up in it. Then, I'd drive to the beach, and get there at just the right time to watch the sun set. Once the sun had set, I'd activate the cherry picker, we'd be lifted up above the beach ... and we'd watch the sun set again.


Win A Night Of Luxury Staying At The Hilton Auckland

Hire a 80ft. yacht having dinner while the sun sets then returning for an evening performance then spending the night in a luxurious hotel.


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