Discussing :: Win a Masport BBQ for summer

It’s no secret that Dad’s love nothing more than bangers, barbecues and breaking out their mowers, so make his day this summer – with Masport! We’ve all got the picture in our minds – hot summer’s day, Dad’s in his shorts and jandals, cold drink in one hand, BBQ tongs in the other – the pure essence of a Kiwi summer and Dad’s ultimate happy place. For the tempting smell of yesteryear, make Dad’s day with a Masport Charcoal BBQ – compact enough for small spaces yet big enough to feed a crew of hungry mates, this little ripper will deliver lip-smacking meals infused with the deep and... read full article


That would go so good on my deck. Would love to win this


Won this puppy last week. Thanks Get Frank.


This would go great with me going camping this January!!!


woo hoo..please cook me a sossy


well I NEED a BBQ - coz I dont have one - and cooking on a BBQ for the summer, actually all year round has always been one of the things I've missed out on being a solo mum of 3 for nearly 15 years, a BBQ was the last thing on my list of priortities to get but now that the kids have left home, it's all about ME and what I want to do so I WANT a BBQ to cook my saussies, steak, kebabs, chicken etc you name it, I WANT TO DO IT!!!! Get me outa the kitchen and into my back yard PLEZZZZZZ!!


Cool! I'm sure we're all thinking 'third time lucky'!! :D


Oh yes please, would love to give this to my dear Dad as a belated xmas pressie (he is the hardest man in the world to buy for, and this would be perfect!!)


My BBQ has decided to kick the bucket - I reckon my ex pulled a few things out of it when I kicked him out months ago as he wanted it. But I paid for it so it's mine not that its worth having gathering dust now though!


Our current BBQ (while it has served us well!) is sitting on rusty legs and is getting on a bit! Would love to win this for the husband!


I like Barbies


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