Discussing :: Win a Logitech Speaker System for Dad!

Father’s Day is this Sunday and if you still have no idea what to get Dad, look no further. The Logitech Speaker System Z623 is sure to knock his socks off, with a subwoofer and two-satellite setup for bass and volume to match any sized room. Multiple input jacks let you connect music, movie and gaming devices, so no matter what your Dad’s passion is, it will come with big, bold audio.  The Logitech Speaker System Z623 features integrated controls for customisation of volume and bass and a built-in headphone jack for private listening. Valued at $249.90, the Logitech Speaker System Z623 is available from... read full article


In all honesty, I am a poor dunedin student. But I do have a job, but I just bought the girlfriend a nice pressy, whilst completely forgetting about fathers day. So I'm in the shitter for that now.


I only have a lame excuse lack of funds.....But could you imagine his delight if I pulled out this awesome sound system....:-)))))))))))))

.....Just as Lame as a sitting Duck needing some Luck..


Working 7 days a week to cover bills, by the time I finish work nothing is open to buy anything. We have one car and live rurally, so not even the beautiful wife can go and get something for me.


Because uni assignments are all due and poor students have to waste the little money they have on long bus rides to class. I'd put some of dads cd's on itunes for him to listen to (in the holidays) through his new speakers :)


He would smile then when i left put it on the shelf in his cupboard next to his caddymate, beer mug and undies with pockets- re the last four presents he got from me.... They're not open yet, but I know...


my man would LOVE this to add to our room now that we finally have a decent tv in there!! :)


Hi Dad I was on the way to get you a present but as I got to the mall there was a fire. The firemen needed some help and seeing a super-manly person like me the enlisted my help. I heard a voice from inside the pet store so I ran in and saved the weird looking lady inside and also several of the most adorable animals. After all that I totally forgot about going to another mall to get you a present. Don't be selfish.


If he needs something, he'll go out and get himself, that makes it hard to work out what to get him. Might just get him a few blocks of chocolate the next time I'm shopping, can't go wrong with that!!


My lame excuse is that I have been too busy loving it up with a new flame, sorry pop lol


my dads gone but not forgotten he would be happy for me to have this as it is headphone friendly he wasn,t to keen on the my volume settings or music for that matter when i was at home


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