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Turn your home into a top notch entertainment den by hooking up your computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices, Internet-enabled HDTV and Blu-ray player with a Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router. It’s optimised for streaming video and other entertainment, and features simultaneous dual-band technology for smoother HD video streaming, wireless gaming and file transfers. The built-in media server lets you stream entertainment content directly to your Xbox 360, PS3 or other compatible device from any USB connected storage devices. To win one of these essential home networking gadgets, worth $329.95, leave a quality comment in the Tech... read full article


Would love this to allow better performance of Skype on my TV:-)


What a fantastic feature loaded item, im having problems with my isp turns out im just a number to them, i have been sent a wireless g modem 6! times!! when i have ordered a wirless n which i really need due to having a large family that all like to be on wirless and streaming the movies, plus i would get bragging rights to my friends cause this item looks FANTASTIC


This will go very nicely with our 50" TV


Lynksys good. Me want. Raaah, raaah!


Will this get a guy laid!?! If so gimme gimme gimme, cos my mates a techy geek and really needs to get laid. (and no, its not me!). Come on, help a guy out!


Please I need to update my dinosaur.


wow I would like one of these's. Can i plug my coffee machine into it too?


If I had a dream this Cisco would be at the forefront of my top notch entertainment den Cisco do make the best,forget the rest


This unit would be excellent for our student flat of 3 guys.
No only does it look stylish but it would help us with the lack of performance we are getting from our current modem.


I personal like Cisco gear however lately some of it was not up to the standard and sometime there are many others devices which are better in many aspects. My dream is a little Wireless point by Netgear (http://www.netgear.co.nz/nz/Product/Routers-and-Gateways/Wireless-N/WNDR3700) which I found to be really good by the amount of review and positive feedbacks but one of the best things I like about this particular wireless point is physical button to turn off wireless without going inside of the settings as well as dual band. It's currently could be bought for under $300

So if you looking for a really BIG boy, always have a look around for other products ... they may turn out to be better in many ways ...


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