Discussing :: Win a Jameson limited edition bottle for St Patrick's Day

BE INTO WIN – Jameson limited edition bottle designed by David Smith for St Patrick’s Day   David Smith, a traditional glass artist, has designed a special limited edition bottle for Jameson Irish Whiskey ahead of one of Ireland’s most celebrated days - St Patrick’s Day. Inspired by the intricate glass etching and ornate gilding synonymous with the decor of great Dublin pubs where Jameson has been enjoyed for generations, the uniqueness of this design and limited availability of the bottle means this is a must have for those who want to embrace their Irish spirit with friends on St Patrick’s Day.   The ... read full article


The Irish in me is driving me to enter this, a good old drop of Jameson's on Paddy's Day seems to be politically correct, alternating with a frothy Guinness.
Me old Grandad would be very proud.
I'm a stickler for tradition, so the spoons will be out and a few Irish drinking songs playing raucously in the background.
Don't forget to kiss an Irishman for luck, I won 50 quid at Bingo doing that.
Oooh not many sleeps now!




As a full-blooded Irishman complete with the rust coloured beard and the rosy cheeks, I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never tried Jameson, but I'd like to. Especially given Ireland's dire straits financially, any support is good support!


I love Jameson whiskey. I must admit I've never tried the perfect Jameson & Dry before but just reading thedetailsit seriously got me salivating - thankfully I always have a bottle handy so just had one of the best new experiences in a long time thanks to Jameson.


Perfection in a bottle .


would there be a better way to spend st patricks day??


cant wait to have a nip :)


Be a great way to drink to my late Granfather who birthday was St Paddies (his first name was even Patrick).


oooh yeah baby this is the stuff that grows hair where a real man needs it.. Good prize Getfrank..


I love St. Patrick's Day, not because it is my favourite colour Green, but because I loe St. Patrick, and my Irish mates... and this Jameson Irish Whiskey would be perfect for our St. Pat's celebration... Cheers!

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