Discussing :: Win a Jameson limited edition bottle for St Patrick's Day

BE INTO WIN – Jameson limited edition bottle designed by David Smith for St Patrick’s Day   David Smith, a traditional glass artist, has designed a special limited edition bottle for Jameson Irish Whiskey ahead of one of Ireland’s most celebrated days - St Patrick’s Day. Inspired by the intricate glass etching and ornate gilding synonymous with the decor of great Dublin pubs where Jameson has been enjoyed for generations, the uniqueness of this design and limited availability of the bottle means this is a must have for those who want to embrace their Irish spirit with friends on St Patrick’s Day.   The ... read full article


What an awesome design on the bottle! Would love to win this!


Can't wait for St Paddy's day


Ohh baby - whiskey hmmmmmmmmm


that looks yummy an is perfect for st. Patrick's day


My favourite and a great looking bottle for the liquor cabinet!


Jamesons is the best irish under the sun


Love the Label, Love the Flavor.


Think of me!


After 12 years in working in bars 'Should I add water or ice to my whisky?' is one of the most commonly asked questions about whisky. Adding water or ice changes a whisky in both positive and negative ways. Most whisky that has an alcohol level of between 40 and 46% ABV already has some water added anyway. This process is called 'cutting' and is done before bottling in order to bring the alcohol down to a more acceptable level for the majority of consumers. The water used is usually spring water that is found locally to the distillery

By adding a few drops of water to a whisky, you can open up different, new and subtle flavours that you previously had not experienced. This is especially true when drinking cask strength whiskies that have higher alcohol levels (these can be up to and over 60% ABV in some cases). With cask strength whisky the alcohol and resulting burning in your mouth can overpower even the most prominent flavours. By adding some water, this dilutes the alcohol and reduces its effect, giving both the prominent and more subtle flavours a chance to shine. Imagine drinking a fruit cordial or concentrate without any water and then with water - it is essentially the same idea. How much water you then add is entirely dependent on your taste.

Ice is slightly different. Rather than enhancing flavours, it inhibits them as the ice makes the temperature of the whisky drop rapidly. It is the same as when you drink a good white wine that has been chilled down too much. It will be a more refreshing drink and calm the burn of alcohol, but can make the whisky taste dull and flat. The aromas and taste will only start to open up and reveal their full characteristics once the whisky starts to warm up to room temperature.


question is would you drink it or save it for keepsake?

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