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Goldair’s Top Tips for BBQ Maintenance - For a long-lasting exterior, make sure you wash it regularly with hot, soapy water, then rinse clean. - If your BBQ is stainless steel, apply a stainless steel BBQ protector to all steel surfaces (it’s a myth that stainless steel never rusts!) For powder-coated BBQs, apply a non-stainless steel BBQ cleaner.  - For plates and grills, start up the BBQ and leave it on with the hood down for 10-15 minutes. When it’s warm, remove excess fat or oils with paper towels or a cotton cloth. - Periodically remove the plates/grills and wash with hot, soapy water and a sugar soap or ... read full article


Win a Goldair Summer BBQ kit

Now that lot WOULD go nicely with my BBQ. The key to good barbecuing is having a sauce that can cover up your mistakes, Ha Ha and here we have the Sauce Bottle.


Nice... Just what I need for the barbie!


Damn I just can't believe how you can't age the 'Tomato' sauce container


Just saw last night on TV, 30 seconds Spray and Walk Away BBQ Cleaner.. Would take about 30 seconds to get another beer right!?


Everything he needs is right there, especially the apron which will protect his good shirts. Thank you he will be ever so grateful!


this would be an awesome prize pack for even the girls to get the barbie going. with summer coming up i would make super good use of the prize. Please count me in. thanks


Now this would be good to go with my BBQ! and plus im the BBQ master in my family!


Don't forget to check UNDER the burners as well for dead rodents - can add a little too much to the flavour...


This might just give me the inspiration to get out and use the bbq! For me key to a good bbq is good quality meat.


Right on time for the Summer BBQ just around the corner.


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