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Eden Park, stage for many of New Zealand’s greatest sporting moments, is Celebrating it’s Centenary with a Public Open Day on Feb 10, from 10am-3pm! People can walk around the number 1 field or get involved in activities with representatives from the Black Caps, Warriors, Blues, Northern Mystics, Auckland Cricket and Auckland Hockey. There will be musical entertainment, food stalls and heaps of free fun for kids - giant snakes and ladders, bouncy castles face painters etc.People will also be able to go into the All Blacks changing rooms and coaches boxes or even get their photo taken with the Rugby World Cup! Come on down and help Eden... read full article


Just after we arrived from the UK we got tickets to see the All Blacks vs England game... bl**dy awesome!!!!




Watching the All Blacks beat Oz in the Rugby world Cup


2nd August 2008, my sons 14th birthday and singing God Defend New Zealand at the top of my voice with the rest of the crowd against Australia with my kids suitably embarrassed. After the anthems were sung I overheard one of the Aussies behind us say that's a much better anthem than ours. That we went on to smash them was a bonus. After the game, I went down and leaned over the hoardings and grabbed a handfull of grass from the field. It sits in an envelope in my hottie waiting to be given to my son on his 21st.


Most memorable time was in 1981 at the third test against the Spring Bok.
My brother in law and I were searched 5 times going to the game. It was quite a strange and very eyrie feeling walking in to the park, as it was very quiet and every one was looking at each other not knowing if the person next to you was a protester or a supporter. Seeing the barbed wire around the ground and the riot police bought a fear factor in to a place where I had never seen it before. I watched a protester throw a flare onto the ground and then get a hiding from the people next to him.
I was in stand 5 and was right behing Hewson taking the final kick. It was fantastic.


I remember going to my first All Black game many moons ago when they played a world XV. It was a mission because we lived hours from Auckland but Dad took me along. I must have been primary school age about 20 years ago and I still remember the brilliance of the topless streaker as she ran across the field during the game. I had the binoculars and my Dad was trying to get them off me haha. Don't have a clue what the score was?!


I have entered into a family who are sports lovers- they have just introduced me into this realm- I would seriously love to win this- learn more and see the action live-they would be stoked for me- I would take my fiancée. At the moment I am recovering from an eye operation- and have had a hard run lately- about time something came around the corner to cheer the day


Watching my Geography classmate at the University of Auckland - Michael Jones score the first try of the first ever Rugby World Cup!


Never been to Eden Park, and I'm up those ways all the time. Would love too though


Whooooo hooooo!

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