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BLOW YOUR FRIENDS AWAY THIS CHRISTMAS The festive season is upon us and come rain or shine (or torrential downpour for that matter), Blunt umbrellas are the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas. Whether you’re at the beach, bach or overseas – there’s a Blunt umbrella for everyone. Unlike other umbrellas, which can be pretty flimsy and normally end up breaking and being thrown away, Blunt umbrellas are built to last - thanks to its revolutionary award-winning design. Blunt Classic – RRP $99.00 Classic by name, classic by nature – the original Blunt umbrella that’s been engineered for extreme performance. The perfect... read full article


I've been trying to win a Blunt umbrella several times - really needed one as i have to walk everywhere - no rides. Been walking through some crazy weather and lost so many breakable umbrellas, doh! :-)


Awesome. Count me in


winning this would be awesome and much needed for the crazy spring weather in Wellington...! my current umbrella just got broken not too long ago and I haven't got a chance to replace it... it's not fun walking or running in the rain with wind blowing in your face from all directions! would be interesting to see how long this could withstand the Wellington wind... ;)


I could have got one of these for free using up my Fly Buys points. I got a Yonanas machine instead. Worst decision ever. Please forgive my foolishness and let me win this umbrella to save me from Dunedin's weather.


I've been wanting one of these for a long time to cope with the Wellington winds. Good to know they've got the 'Metro' commuter model - if I don't win I might have a look at getting one of those...


Would love to win one of these awesome brollies. Pick me please.


Should help me prevent turning up to work drenched.


this will be great for the footie


Ill need one of those for summer so my head does get burnt.....nothing like a red bald head lobster......just what the doctor ordered.


I've wanted one of these forever but I always felt like I'd pay so much for an awesome umbrella then I'd have it stolen or leave it on a bus =/

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