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Summer is here and to celebrate Just Tees.co.nz is giving away any 4 x $50 vouchers to spend on their range of quality international brands. To be in for the draw, tell us about your 'All-time' favorite t-shirt This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

Had two, one with two pigs in an amorous embrace "Makin Bacon", and the other "Fly United" with 2 geese flying in close formation.


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

a drum kit on the front with "i'd bang that" underneath.... always makes me laugh.


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

Windows blue sceen of death i always though was funny


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

a range of t-shirts with different windows error messages or just a collection of the on one shirt


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

The Georgie Pie logo with Hamburglar spray painting the McDonalds logo over it. It's funny because it's true!


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

I had a LA Lakers signed T-Shirt. It was awesome, got it when I was in LA years ago.


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

I had this t shirt that said"Scotties girls do it better ?", as we had an all woman sailing crew on our yacht. I wore it everywhere, and it really worked wonders and made some cool friends, just from wering a T shirt. Unfortunately we sold the boat, and the t shirt was .....STOLEN !!!! .


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

One my mate made for me - electric blue, with MIKE in plain bold black type across the front.


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

The shirt Richardson wears in the movie 'Hot Rod'! It has 'sexy' [tick], 'charming' [tick], 'boring' [blank box] and 'awesome' [tick] in a list down the front of the shirt - PURE GENIUS!


Win $50 Vouchers with JustTees.co.nz

The tshirt I am giving my brother for Christmas - it simply says "to women, from god"!


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