Discussing :: Win 3 Great Walk Durable Maps Worth $24.99 each

Win 3 Great Walk Maps printed on water proof and durable Rockstock All  9 Great Walks are now being produced in this durable format.  They are ideal for people who love the outdoors and the environment as the maps are sustainable as well as providing 3D maps, good track notes elevation and distance graphic. Craig Potton Publishers have combined probably New Zealand’s best map maker with an amazing environmentally friendly product that is tough and will withstand the rigour required to go on these walks with its owner.  Craig’s team assert that they are so durable you can catch water in it, use it as a rain hat, make... read full article


Win 3 Great Walk Durable Maps Worth $24.99 each

yes please! I'll walk to the moon if it helps.


Wow, what an awesome prize. Would love to do some of these walks. :-)


wow, would love to try these maps out, my brother in law and i like to go out and do a bit of trekking when we get the chance......away from the respective other halfs, and find it to be good bonding time, he's from south africa, and hasnt had the chance to trek any of our big national tracks, so would be a good excuse for us to finally get out there. with these new type of maps, we know that at least our maps would survive the trip!!


great excuse to go do them!!


Mighty handy!


I've always wanted to walk the Kepler.


Great to see some of the BEST walking tracks in the prize, this is what New Zealand is all about the GREAT OUTDOORS, a great challenge with the three walks


Sweet! Kepler is on the bucket list already.


Wow durable maps- great if you get caught out in a deluge at Milford. We've walked all 3 of these tracks over 20 years ago and they are truly awesome. This summer it's time to do them with the kids. 3D maps would be awesome and obviously they are child friendly if they are durable!


Always wanted to do Milford!


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