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Imagine the scenario; you’ve been with you girlfriend/wife for some time and you think everything is great. You may even have imagined yourself walking down the aisle with this one (if you’re not already married). Then out of the blue, the flow of sexual attention you’d been enjoying turned into a trickle and then before you knew it, stopped altogether. If this sounds like a familiar story to you, you’ll be wondering why she’s stopped wanting you sexually. There are a number of possible reasons, so read on to find out more. She no longer feels attractive The slowing down of your sex life doesn’t always have to spell the end... read full article


Why She's Stopped Wanting Sex

Articles like this make me cringe as they underlying tone is "if you want more sex then" Be nicer to her (so she feels good) Do more housework (so she is less pressured) Lose some weight (so you are more attractive to her) Get better at sex (so she enjoys it more) All of the above can be correct some of the time, but the thing to remember is the consequence of stopping the sex. If a guy stopped wanting his partner then she will feel unattractive and will be be wondering if he is getting it somewhere else. These 2 thoughts will occur within seconds of him saying "not tonight I have a headache) Sex is an important part of a relationship and women should treat it as such

She doesn't consciously stop sex. Women often feel men don't treat it as important for her. If she's so tired / stressed / upset that she completely stops wanting sex, obviously something needs to be urgently addressed that is probably even more important than your blow job.


Why She's Stopped Wanting Sex

I think what most of us guys don't know, and I m now lucky enough to know is......That a woman need more emotional stimulation than men . (now I know what your thinking ) "I know that". But.... you need to start her stimulation about 24 hours before hand.Watch this on the Dr Oz show This guy is a freak, tells it straight in plain english. So this means if you want to get your lady stimulated and hot and horny start today....... because tommorrow is another day ..... :)

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