Discussing :: White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

For years now, we've been praising the health benefits of red wine, raising our glasses and toasting Merlot as bottles of white wine sit in the corner, fermenting with jealously. Because red wine has been known to have a positive impact on the human body, with particular profits to the cardiovascular system, we drink it and we heart it. Not to be outdone by its colorful adversary, studies have recently found white wine to be beneficial to health as well. While both red and white wine aid in lung function, white wine has a more positive impact on lung health.According to a study by the American Thoracic Society, a positive link between white wine and lung... read full article


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

I'm eagerly awaiting the day that the health benefits of bourbon are revealed!! HAHAHA!


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

Really interesting especially for the inflammation which may be particularly useful to people who suffer form asthma or other respiratory diseases. Must go and have 3 glasses to improve my lung performance and bugger these exams


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

White Wine's Influence on the Lungs?? don't worry about that what about White Wines influence on my decision making during a heavy night on the Chardonnays and of course the influence on my head in the morning!.


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

I love it when positive articles about my vices are published! Chocolate can be good for the heart, white wine can be good for the lungs - thanks getfrank, that's great news! Now just tell me something "bad" that is good for my brain and I'll add it to my list of vices!!!


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

i once drank some white wine.. went down the wrong pipe and into my lungs. i still sitting there i think. not too sure about the health benefits, but wine only gets better with age.


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

too be honest when I'm drinking booze I'm really not worried about it's benefits to my health. Enjoy the finer things in life in moderation of course and Life is meant to be enjoyed!


White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

It's a wonderful thing to find out that having a glass of red will help my heart and a glass of white will help my lungs and having both of these just made me less stressed and alot cheerier! Now to find a health benefit for whiskey so Iv got a good excuse for that one too! :-) My Auntie drank and smoked up until her dieing day at the good old age of 92, whereas her two brothers died in thier 70's but had given up drinking because of well - nagging wives! You have to wonder if they would have been around longer if they had kept having the odd drop or two. But then again they would have had to put up with 'the look' if they had!


that is good news - i'd drink whites over reds any time and it's good to know they are good for your health too! ;)


Wines do get better with age. I'm 43 and they're getting pretty bloody good.


Always have liked the odd white.


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