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Do you ever have the right to intervene in your children's choice of friends? What about when safety is an issue? The territory between the right to choose personal friendships and parental responsibility for children's safety can be fairly murky. It can certainly fuel some tense family struggles. When a parent asks themselves "Is that kid a good friend for my child?"  there is no convenient one-size-fits-all answer. The details of each situation will be different. Appropriate responses will depend on factors like the age of the child, the specific nature of the parent's concern, the values of the families involved and how the parent and... read full article


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

I don't have any children, but I've often thought how I'd bring up a child if I did. No doubt, there comes a time when a child leaves the comforts of their parents choices to begin bulding a life of their own choices. With this in mind, I assume that it would be important to teach a child everything you consider they should know before this happens. Do parents actually do this today? Or do they just leave it up to school teachers to teach them these important life values? One thing is for sure, I'd bring up my child with the firm understanding that they could always ask me for unconditional advice if they get themselves into a rut. Other than that, once prepared, I'd leave them to learn their own lessons, even if it's the hard way.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

the right to choose personal friendships and parental responsibility for children's safety is always a tricky 1 but i feel its best to discuss friendships and ppls qualities with the child on there level of understanding .. and try and reach amutual agreement teaching them about decision and what ur morals r along they way and they will hopfully make the right chooses


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

I think children should be allowed the freedom to choose their own freinds, especially at a younger age say kindergarten and primary school, because, at that age they dont get to make alot of choices for themselves, adn this is them bonding with people fo similar personalities and thus recognising this achievement in themselves. It is hard when behaviours which may not be so acceptable are copied tho. I think if they choose a friend you manybe dont wna them accosiating with too much, providing a safe enviornment for them to do that in.. In the end a child/teenager is going to make their own choices, the best way for them to go about it starts at home, informed choices.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

hmmmm.....certainly something to think about!


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

I've never had the joy of having kids, just furkids unfortunately. Not that I don't adore my lovely furkids of course! I exepct that if you've been a good parent, always giving support, advice and setting boundaries, your kids aren't going to turn out totally stupid. Your child would probably prefer a kid with similar interests and more alike them. They probably pick horrible friends just to egg you on, and you should ask yourself why. So unless you've brought up a real monster, you can probably put a bit of faith in your kid's choice of friends.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

Children either have friends or not?Growth in all areas of a child well-being begin at a early age as they venture into the world and find out things for themselves.Talking,keeping communication lines open and a Huge hug,always help.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

I recall seeing a movie about this. The parents took on the behaviour/look of the unsavoury friends and after a time the teen couldn't stand it and told them to get their act together. Then again, I don't see how balding hubby could possibly have had his few whisps styled into a a mohawk like one of my daughters experimental boyfriends!


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

Children should be given the space to choose their own friends. Given parental care and a loving home, invariably your children will exercise sound judgement.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

Children should feel free to make their own friends, but should also feel comfortable enough to trust and respect parental caring and understanding. If we foster a good relationship with our kids then they in turn can ask advice from parents.


When Your Kid's Friends Don't Suit You

Don't have kids of my own but recall when i first met my god daughters friends. My god daughter has embraced the whole emo thing and unfortunately i saw these friends and totally judged a book by it's cover. Getting to know them abit more, they have turned out to be really decent kids with what appears to be good heads on shoulders.

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