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Murders children, then poses, smiling of course, with the corpses:  This is just one image of over four thousand taken by a group of US soldiers who operated as a de facto death squad, murdering civilians and taking body parts as souvenirs. Those soldiers are currently being court-martialed on charges of murder, desecration of corpses, illegal possession of photographs of corpses, drug abuse, and assaulting other soldiers. The US will no doubt roll out the usual line about how these are just the actions of a few "bad apples", just as they did at Abu Ghraib. But when they foster and tolerate an attitude of contempt towards the Afghan people, elevate... read full article


What the US does in Afghanistan

say "CHEESE!" I know it's stressful over there but what little chance you have of winning the hearts of the locals won't happen with stupidity like this.


This is just a very small number of the tens of thousands US soldiers who are in Afghanistan - the large majority of these soldiers work alongside us NZers, Australians, British etc defending innocent Afghanis and there homes, workplaces, schools and bussineses. It is not faair to judge the entire American Army because a few of there soldiers were nutcases. That's like saying everyone called Charles is a psychopath like Charles Manson. The war is sad and unfortunatly bad times bring out both the bad and good nature in people. I personally can say soldiers who go there know it is daangerous and still put their own lives on the line in hope to help others.


I agree with Stephan above, but it does also say it is just one of over four thousand taken. This is a very shocking image. Very shocking. We do need people willing to do things most of us could never do, but not this. Definitely not this.


That is shocking,no one deserves to be treated like that.America has overtsayed their welcome in the middle east.Time for them to LEAVE and let the country sort itself out,having said that they are again at it with Libia,don't figure !!!!!


Absolutely sickening - unfortunately every now and then people are attracted into the armed forces for the wrong reason but thankfully these are the minority. These guys got jail which is wholly inadequate. But lets face it, most us live in blissful ignorance of what goes on around us - while we eat, sleep and play, people in the Middle East and Africa die every minute. And unfortunately our governments are in on a hell of a lot more than we'll ever know - sad but true. Gaddafi is a case in point.


War crimes happen in all conflicts now and in the past....put people in stressful situations and the bad ones tend to float to the top


I think the US outstayed their welcome on the day they arrived didn't they?

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