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Planning to travel abroad? Leave these items at home! Anyone who travels regularly is aware of luggage and carry-on restrictions post 9-11. However, if you travel abroad, there are other considerations to keep in mind. No foreign country wants undesirable insects, rodents, or diseases to infiltrate their population via border crossings. Before reading further, remember that if you have outstanding police warrants or a criminal record, you should probably forget about foreign travel. Period. What NOT to take with you Regulations vary by country. The snacks you pack for a domestic flight may not pass customs inspection for an overseas destination. Start with a... read full article


What NOT to take

A friend of mine got stopped by customs and was requested to pay duty on his laptop that he took with him overseas.


What NOT to take

I was at the airport during the holidays and you CANNOT take FLUFFY HANDCUFFS just in case you were going for a kinky weekend away! There was an example of them in those cases with all the things you can't take!!!


What NOT to take

And for Pete's sake, leave your sense of humour behind on the plane. Cute remarks like "nothing to declare, except of course the rocket propelled grenade launcher" is only funny to you, and not airport security. Don't even smile!


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