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We see all of the commercials on television about diet and exercise plans to help you get those rock hard abdominal muscles that everyone wants to have. But there is one way to get these toned muscles that is not usually advertised on television, and it is probably the best way possible: bodybuilding. This is just one of the many reasons that people get into bodybuilding. If you are new to this sport, there are all kinds of things you will want to learn about bodybuilding, including various exercises, how often to work out, how long workouts should be, and much more. And if you are already considering getting into bodybuilding, you probably already... read full article


What Beginners Should Be Learning About Bodybuilding

This is so true. It's amazing what you can truly achieve with your body. I lost over 30kgs and now I am one of New Zealand's top Athletic class bodybuilders (although I remain humble knowing my roots). The most informative thing I have learnt on this journey? That when it comes to "healthy nutrition" for most people, the world is still flat as we are told a bunch of lies by marketing companies that certain things are good for us when they just aren't.... Ending on a positive note though, give it a go, you'll be amazed with what you can achieve.


Wow, 30kgs is a lot. Congratulations, that's one hell of an achievement. Must say though, the sport would be more appealing to me if the contestants were a little less orange....

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