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Well said Phil

The approach suggested by Phil Goff is measured and sensible. This is a debate that deserves careful consideration, rather than a knee-jerk reaction. It will be a real challenge for many to balance the sense of heritage, and comfort even, that comes with affiliation to the British Monarchy, with the need to break free from the shackles of colonialism and cement our place as a modern, and independent 'adult' nation that is more than capable of standing on its own two feet.


Well said Phil

The time is right to discuss constitutional change given that the public is unhappy with the current parliamentary system and that the current Monarch is nearing the end of her reign. The great public groundswell of oppinion has determined that: 1)It is approropriate that a New Zealander is its head of state, 2)New Zealand already maintains the Governor General - who is described as a "virtual head of state", 3)New Zealand needs to assert and confirm its independence, nationhood and maturity to the world, 4)New Zealand's current constitution (and the nations identity) - are republican in their makeup, 5)Because the Governor-General and Monarch have excerised very little real power to date. Consequently, they are not an effective check on the Parliamentary body ( ie the Prime Minister and Cabinet), 6)The Prime Minister should not have the power to dismiss the Governor-General at will and vice versa. 7) There is a view that many people believe that New Zealands egalitarian (and democratic) society is at odds with the notions of hereditary (somehow that peers and nobles have a predestined and ordained heirarchy within society), primogeniture, sexual and religious discrimination inherent in the succession of the throne.


Well said Phil

On a side note, think about the military... Every thing they have from their coat of arms to the buttons on thier jackets have a Queens Crown on it. Would they have to change everything to serve King and Country or would it be easier to change to just serving our country... They would also have to take the "Royal" out of their titles. Thats my two cents!

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